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Understand first that I am NOT an agent of Comcast or xfinity or any related company AND I am not receiving anything for this review.

So let's start with last summer...I ordered Comcast cable because I had a well known DSL based service (with the blinding speed of 18 MBps-at least claimed--which I never saw using speed test) and minimal TV programming [NOTE: Name of prior service was withheld based on the caution in the User Agreement on this posting page]. The Comcast installer showed up while my wife and I were in the back yard but left before I could catch him. It ticked me off because he would not come back. I was going to have to reschedule. Not Happy so I told them to forget it--cancel me.

Finally two weeks ago I had enough of waiting on my computer and dropping internet signals especially when my wife was on her Kindle and the TV was blaring [prior service charge was $169 per month]. Now I have Extreme 150 MBps internet (typically 125 MBps at remote location using my router and extender for the same price. I also have Digital Preferred TV with HD...oh yes, I forgot to mention "the company that will not be named" had dropped my HD inadvertently when I downgraded last spring because I was paying $210 per month. Customer Service for "that company" would not reconnect my HD service unless I told the representative my SSN over the phone--REALLY. Now I have Real Internet and TV programming for the same monthly payment for two years. Will see how I feel after that and rates go up.

The young man (Cortez) who installed was great, amicable, efficient--not the standard 2-4 hours to hook you up.

I had to call Customer Service yesterday because the web page indicated my account was inactive AND I knew my first bill was coming due in a few weeks. Chris was AWESOME. He straightened me out--I was attempting to access the account set up last summer. He explained several other things to me patiently and respectfully. Very enjoyable experience AND not at all what I expected based on some of these reviews. I am just saying, they may be turning around, so give them a chance. This 64 year old is--and when my grandkids come over, they will say "This is Cool Beans, Grandpa." LOL

Reason of review: Good customer service.

I liked: Customer service representatives, Extreme internet speed.

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Hyattsville, Maryland, United States #1256876

Whats the point of blabbering this review, if your not going tonsay where you got a better deal?? Get over yourself...your about as lame as the idot in here writing fake reviews over and over

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