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So I was trying to get service through Comcast because I just had an incident involving breach of contract with centurylink recently because I was under a disability contract with them for 4 years. They ended up discontinuing the program and centurylink was charging me 45-50 buck's a month.

So therefore I decided to stop paying for their services and i decided to try and sign up with Comcast but Comcast refuses to acknowledge the fact that I have been living under a limited income and receive disability every month and I also get medicare through the state of Washington now. They asked if I receive section 8, I am a veteran which I tried joining the military but I failed because of my disability. and I have kids receive school lunches.

I think that Comcasts ideas are insane when it comes to getting internet because I think that as ridiculous as that is only having to be those requirements. I mean Comcast can run their mouths off saying that they are the best companies in the world but a dull and dumb disability program!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Customer Care.

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It's not that they refuse to acknowledge your issues, they just don't want to do business with you on the terms you want. It's not personal, it's business..