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Here is a letter I sent to the CEO today:

Mr Roberts,

I want to let you know of the extremely poor service that I have received since doing a self-install of the internet service on 6-24-2013. The account number is xxxxx. The name on the account is xxxxxx. The last four of the social security number is xxxx. She is currently in the hospital in intensive care. I am her roommate. As you can understand, I have enough stress in my life without dealing repeatedly with Comcast over the same issue.

I requested the 25mps service package. I was told there was a promotion, and that at the end of the promotion the cost would be $49.00 a month. I found this rather unbelievable, since I was currently $69.00 for 6mps service at my old address. I accepted the offer.

I found the internet seemed a bit slow. I tested it repeatedly at your comcast speed test page, and found I was consistently getting less than 1mps download speed, and less than 1.5mps upload speed.

I called repair. The first gentleman, (I neglected to write his name down), told me that he would send a "boost" to the modem. It would be offline for 15 minutes, and to call back if that didn't work. His main focus seemed to be to get me off the phone as quickly as possible. The second person I spoke with was in chat. Her name was Jessa May. She did some testing on her end, and made me send her a link to the speed test I had just done. With no explanation as to why she needed that, I felt she was trying to verify if I was lying about the speed test. She sent another boost, which took only seconds. The modem reset, and she had me do the speed test again. It was the same. She tried to schedule an appointment. After a few moments she came back into chat and told me that she was having latency issues with her systems. Imagine the irony of that. At this point the chat was becoming quite time-intensive, and I asked if she could schedule the appointment and email me with the date and time. She agreed, and gave me confirmation number 130626-000008.

The next day when I didn't get the requested email, I entered chat again. This time I got Edelyn. She immediately seemed confused. There were long periods of "dead air", and several times I had to chat are you there? because she had not responded. Finally she told me she was waiting on her supervisor to confirm the appointment time. After several more minutes of waiting I asked to chat with a supervisor. She ignored this request. I had to ask for a supervisor several times. At one point she said and I paraphrase, "A supervisor can only do what I'm doing." When I told her I wasn't asking about what a supervisor could do, I was requesting to chat with one, she changed her story. She then said she was chatting with a support group. I asked for a supervisor a minimum of 6 times during that chat. She never got one. I have attached a copy of the chat transcript. In frustration, I called into Comcast and spoke to one of two people in this whole ordeal, that represented Comcast well. Her name is Bris.

When I spoke with Bris I immediately demanded a supervisor. She did the right thing. She assured me she would get me one, and gathered enough information to give a supervisor a heads up. She was able to defuse my anger enough, that I was willing to let her help me, even though I still wanted a supervisor. She immediately found the ticket number, which is something that Edelyn was unable to do, and assured me I had an appointment on 6-28-2013 between 6pm and 4pm. She told me she had escalated my call, and I should expect a call from a supervisor within 24hrs. This woman deserves a reward, if not a raise. I was satisfied.

Less than 24hrs later, I receive an email from Comcast confirming my appointment. It has a confirmation number of 130626-000575. It tells me that my appointment is tomorrow, 6-29-2013 between 10am and 12pm. Needless to say, this frustrated me again. Tomorrow is 6-28, not 6-29, and I had just confirmed with Bris the day before that my appointment was for Friday 6-28 between 4pm and 6pm. I decided to not waste time with your chat, and called in. The horrible automated voice response unit you are using told me that because of unusual call volume, the wait would be over 30 minutes. This is interesting to me. I worked for Comcast around 2007, and this was always the response customers received when calling in. You need to hire more people. I hung up and went back to chat.

I next spoke with Fermin. His chat transcript is attached as well. As you can see, he or she did an adequate, but not exceptional job of trying to help me. He could not find my original confirmation code, (I wonder at the ability of a large company to lose such information), but after a lengthy conversation, he assured me that my appoint is 6-28 between 10am and 12pm. When I voiced my concerns about the poor service, he used canned responses that were word for word exactly the same as the responses I had received with other chat agents. It was clear that there was no real empathy or understanding of the situation. Instead he was using pre-programmed hot-keys to shoot verbal garbage at me. Toward the end of the call when I am telling him I am contacting you, he must have hit the wrong hot-key. The response I got was "You are most welcome!" Not exactly what you would expect when a customer is saying they are contacting your CEO.

During the last four days, I have made a minimum of seven contacts with Comcast. Only two of these contacts were anywhere near good customer service. My understanding from your commercials is that you believe you give excellent customer service. I can assure you that you are far from that goal.

I would like an apology in writing for the horrible overall service, and I would like a call from a supervisor. Not from your escalation group, but from an actual member of management.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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I'm a former billing and technical rep with Comcast. Let me just inform you what Comcast did with your letter.

You probably addressed it to the Corporate office. The corporate office didn't bother to open it but looked at the return address in the corner of envelope, looked up to see what call center handles calls in your area and sent the letter there. The director of that call center gave it to a supervisor over one of the custimer service teams and the supervisor thru it in some pile of papers or in the garbage.

Don't waste your time. Brian Roberts owns the largest communication company in the world and couldn't careless about your little problems you have with his service.

Seattle, Washington, United States #670454

You're entitled to your opinion.

Thanks for sharing.


I would like an apology from you for wasting my time reading this pure bs. And news flash the ceo of a multi-billion dollar company has much more to concern himself with than your petty complaints about poor service, which from your lengthy dribble of a letter i fail to see any poor service in the first place. So good luck with that

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