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See the following text from my interaction with the customer service department for an example of the *** service they provide.

user Andrew has entered room

analyst Roshan has entered room

Roshan: Hello Andrew _, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Roshan. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Roshan: Hello! I hope your day is going well. Do read about the Comcast Customer Guarantee at

Andrew : My Issue: What is the delay?

Andrew : I am a new customer and ordered service last Monday. They said I would be set up within 48 hours. It is now Saturday evening and no phone call to set up service.

Roshan: Hi Andrew. Just to ensure that I have understood the issue correctly, you are facing issue with your service install. Is that correct?

Andrew : Yes

Andrew : I called an followed up two days ago and they said they should call soon.

Roshan: Okay, I am here to provide you with excellent customer service today. Please be assured I will do my best to help you and I'm sure we can work together on your concern.

Andrew : "Hopefully" within the next few hours

Roshan: For account security & verification purpose, please provide the complete address where the services needs to be installed. Please include Apt/unit #, State & Zip.

Andrew : Redacted

Roshan: Thanks for the info.

Roshan: Please allow me few minutes to pull up your account to assist you better.

Roshan: To ensure that I have the correct account could you please confirm the full name of the account holder as listed on the account?

Andrew : Andrew Redacted

Roshan: Thanks for the info.

Roshan: Andrew, I need to connect the chat with our concerned department to assist you further with the issue.

Andrew : How long will that take?

Roshan: It will take a minute to connect. Would that be okay with you?

Andrew : Might as well

Roshan: Shall I connect the chat with our concerned department to get the issue fixed for you?

Andrew : Yes

Roshan: Much appreciated, thank you so much.

Roshan: Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst

Waiting for response from Roshan

user Andrew has entered room

analyst Don has entered room

Andrew : My Issue: What is the delay?

Don: Hi! Great to have you on chat! How are you, Andrew?

Andrew : OK you?

Don: That's good to know!

Don: I'm doing fine as well, thank you so much for asking!

Don: I understand that this is an escalated chat, Andrew. Would you mind if I review the previous transcript for 2-3 minutes?

Andrew : I am annoyed with the speed of service however, I was told I would be contacted within 48 hours on Monday to set up my service as a new customer. It has been much longer than that.

Andrew : OK

Don: I have already read the previous transcript, Andrew.

Andrew : great

Don: I sincerely apologize but this is the billing department. Please allow me to route you to the correct department that will assist you further with your pending installation.

Andrew : WOW was it not clear from the previous transcript what my issue was? How did I get to billing?

Don: I sincerely apologize for the incorrect transfer, Andrew. I assure you I will have this escalated to the correct department that will handle your concern properly.

Andrew : OK'

Don: Shall we proceed with connecting this chat to our sales department?

Andrew : YES

Don: You will see a message that says I have "left the room"; however, you will still be connected to the next agent.

Don: Please stay online and connected to the chat for the next agent who will assist you as soon as possible.

Don: Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst

user Andrew has entered room

analyst Amritpal has entered room

Waiting for response from Don

Amritpal: You have reached Sales Department and I will be assisting you with your concern for today. Please give me 2-3 minutes to review your conversation with the previous representative. This will give me a better understanding of the issue at hand so that we can resolve it in the most efficient way possible. Will that be okay?

analyst Don has left room

Andrew : Is this the sales department?

Amritpal: yes, I am from Sales team.

Amritpal: How are you doing today?

Andrew : OK

Andrew : Just want the issue resolved.

Amritpal: Glad to hear it. That's awesome!

Amritpal: I will surely assist you for that.

Amritpal: Andew, may I have your full name and complete service address where you have placed the order?

Andrew : Andrew Redacted

Amritpal: Much appreciated, thank you so much.

Andrew : Hello?

Amritpal: I am pullingup your address, as I am unable to find out the address.

Andrew : My address isn't in your system?

Amritpal: I have double checked in my system, and I am still unable to find a match for this address. It could be that the address never had our services and has not been registered with us yet. Was this address recently constructed or renovated?

Andrew : No

Andrew : Try Redacted Same City

Andrew : I have had this service at this address in the past

Amritpal: Ok, if you don't mind, I'm going to take a few moments to look into this, and I'll get back with you asap.

Andrew : three or four years ago

Andrew : I also am a new customer and set up a service request last Monday

Amritpal: Redacted I am getting this address. Is that correct?

Andrew : Yes

Amritpal: Thanks for confirming me that.

Amritpal: Andrew, as I can see that we need to create the new account, as your account has not been created yet.

Andrew : Are you kidding???

Amritpal: May I have your permission to create the new account of yours?

Andrew : I called Monday and again two days ago

Andrew : To set up a new service. i have spend over two hours talking to you just to be your customer and now I find that I am not in the system? That is really annoying.

Amritpal: I truely understand that, however, as i double check this address, your account has been disconnected on 09/07/2012, and after that there is not any account created under your name.

Andrew : And the system says that you never received a call from me?

Amritpal: I really apologize, as I am unable to access the call history fro mmy end.

Andrew : All right. If this is how I can expect service from your company I am tempted to stay with my current Internet provider.

Amritpal: I do understand that, however, that is the best I could do for you.

They when on to request a credit check again. That would be two hard inquiries against my credit to set up the same service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Comcast Cons: Not fixing problem, Representation.

  • Comcast sucks
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