Fremont, California
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Comcast employees have entered our back yard and a neighbor's backyard on more than one occasion without permission. Toward the end of last yard I came home from work.

When I went into our living room, I was surprised a stranger walking out of our yard. I went out front just in time to see him head into our neighbor's back yard. After only a few minutes he came out and walked away down the street.

Today my son was home alone and did not answer when an employee knocked on the door.

So the employee simply wandered into our back yard. He did glance into our windows but my son was apparently not seen. My son texted my wife to let her know about it, and was about to call 911 when the guy left.

We are not Comcast customers and have no equipment or anything else they have any business checking on our property. I am letting Comcast and that we and our neighborhood watch will be ready to call 911 if we see a Comcast truck in our neighborhood again.

Reason of review: Illegal entry.

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