Alexandria, Virginia

Someone needs to end the Comcast monopoly. The Justice Department must ensure that they are not allowed to acquire NBC Universal.

This is such a minor issue, but they just downgraded (or, as they say, "upgraded") my viewing guide to the same guide that I had circa 1999. All of the useful information that I used to be able to view prior to selecting a channel is gone. So, of course, I call, only to wait on hold for 10 minutes to talk to a guy who tells me I need to hold indefinitely for the "advanced technical" department. They never pick up.

Mission accomplished, Comcast: You'll never have to address my complaint.

If they don't have to pay attention to customers now, one can only imagine how responsive customer service will be once they are the largest media company in the world. Comcast is living proof of the detriments of monopolies.

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I agree this "new" upgrade to a what they claim is a better interactive guide sux. Channels don't advance, you can't see what is on tomorrow, it just turns itself off all the time. I am really sick of having NO choices when it comes to cable and internet service


Too late they already own them too.

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