Englewood, Colorado

I've worked for comcast for 17 yrs and I'm really really disgusted by what I'm seeing around me with a co- worker. She's a new tech by the name of sandy she just transferred here for a previous comcast location.

I'm digusted with her actions toward another co- worker. I've been married 24 yrs and to see a married women acting like she is toward another co-worker is disappointing. We uphold code and ethics and take pride in comcast. I'm afraid if her gallivanting continues with the co- worker this will result in a bad review from comcast due to such things as sexual haressment against the company.

I hate to bring this to your attention but this cannot be tolerated especially if its happening at the work place thru emails or text messaging I hope this matter can be brought to your attention professionally and swiftly.

This makes an unhealthy environment for other employees and if spouse was to figure this out could meen also trouble thank you for the time and felt I had to bring this to HR to handle the situation before it gets to far out of hand. Thank you for your time concerned employee.

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