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On the Comcast web pages, on the internet, and on advertisements, Comcast advertises that it provides excellent customer service. I will describe an example of just the opposite below, in chronologic order, and this example is just one of many providing evidence of very poor customer service.

1. On March 28 2014, I stopped my Comcast service in my Wilmington DE home because of a planned move to Tampa. About two weeks before, I had been in contact with Comcast customer service by phone. I was instructed that it was too late to send me the prepaid boxes to return my equipment [I needed to contact Comcast at least one month in advance to permit enough time for boxes to arrive], so I would have to endure the long waits to return the equipment in person.

2. At the time of my phone contact, I was instructed that I would have 30 days of continued email usage of my Comcast account, though my other services would have been stopped.

3. On March 28 2014, I returned my equipment to the New Castle DE location. The wait was about an hour. I asked for a final bill to pay and was informed that it had not yet been calculated. I was told that this hour wait was relatively short compared the usual wait times.

4. Between March 28 2014 and April 7 2014, I continued to use my Comcast email. Remember that I was told that I would have 30 days usage after stopping the other portions of my Comcast service.

5. Abruptly on April 7 2014 my Comcast email access was ended, after only 10 days usage.

6. Between April 7 2014 and April 9 2014, records will show that I spent over 3 hours on the phone and on line with a variety of Comcast service representatives about the end to my Comcast email access. I was told that it was a “glitch” in the Comcast system that my email access was ended prematurely, that I was correct in that I should have had 30 days access, that I could not have my account reactivated since that was not the “Comcast” system, that my access had been cut off because of a $72 unpaid bill [which was my final billing and which I had tried to pay in person but was told was not yet “ready” in that the final total had not been calculated], and that there was no way to get my access back. As I explained to all the technicians on the line, two of whom took a deep interest in my problem because they understood that I had not had enough time to notify all my patients and others about my email change, this early premature abrupt end to my email access had disrupted my life and that of many others. One very aggravating technician kept telling me “….to tell you the truth”…. as if to say that she were lying all the time in the prior hour during which she had been trying to deal with the problem.

7. I intend to post this letter on line to warn others about dealings with customer service at Comcast. I intend to send this note to the committees investigating the upcoming potential Comcast merger to indicate the type of service that is currently received from Comcast as it surely will only get worse with a merger. Comcast clearly is uncaring, unwelcome, rude, disrespectful and of course not truthful. The service that I was promised was discontinued prematurely. The explanation was that it was the “system” for which no one took responsibility and no one had the ability to change. Some of the technical support agreed that the policy was to give me 30 days email usage but had no good explanation as to why the service had been cut off. Some service personnel with whom I dealt promised to call me back as they worked off line on the problem and of course, they never called me back.

At the old MBNA in Wilmington DE, there was a saying above each hallway entrance that each employee should treat each customer as they would want to be treated. Comcast employees and executives should put themselves in that position as well. So I ask the question: would each Comcast employee like to be treated as I have been treated?


Michael E. Trigg MD

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Technical Support.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #817537

Thanks Michael There is nothing more frustrating than to be told you will receive a call back and they never call back.

My learning is that is simply their means for getting off the line from you. They don't care about their current customers and once you reach that stage of former customer they have absolutely no use for you.

The NO call back is a common theme among posters.

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