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My mother, 87 and an amputee lost her email when Comcast changed over the method of billing. When she called she was told "it's not our problem." What a way to treat people!!! I called 5 times with no help. I finally was given the number 1-856-317-7272 and spoke with a woman who continued to stress that it was not their problem and that the lost of email on exactly the same day that the account was modified was just a "coincidence." If this is a coincidence then my name is Donald Duck. Any suggestions, phone numbers, etc would be appreciated.


Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

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John N

I am not familiar with comcast as never had nor ever will, given it's rather bad reputation for customer service. However, I always advise people to not rely on the email client for their particular ISP as if you change companies, your email goes away.

Always have at least two other backup email addresses you can use. I have something like 10. The only kicker is that you have to log in to each one periodically or they will cancel it out for non-use. I use these different email addresses for various things and, of course, they are never in my real name or address.

For example, when you reply to or request info from a company you don't want to keep sending you junk mail, I use one of these throwaways.

Yahoo.com or google.com or hotmail.com all allow you to have free email accounts. Another one is mail.com.