Jordan, Minnesota
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AFter switching to Comcast in June 2012, we had nothing but problems. Our caller ID never worked properly.

After countless hours on the phone and have technicians at our home, in May of 2013 I was told my a customer service supervisor that it wasn't Comcast responsibility for incoming caller ID, they were only responsible for outgoing?? I told them that I had to have caller ID, that we have one line for business calls and lost business because customers didn't leave a message and we didn't know they called, or assumed we had their number on caller ID. I was told they couldn't do anything more about it. So, after 11 months of Comcast NOT providing the service I was promised I went back to our old providers.

Now Comcast is charging me an early termination fee. I received the bill on Monday and already have collections calling me on Wednesday. The fee is only $52.50, but I can't believe they are charging me when they did not provide the service promised. I have called multiple times only to be disconnected or told they don't care.

I will NEVER use Comcast again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Bundle.

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Tucker, Georgia, United States #684699


I had Comcast for years, and was happy with the service maybe because I never called for anything. I purchased a new house, and scheduled a date with Comcast to move my service; received a call the day before confirming the 10:00 AM appointment.

I went to the new house waited for Comcast, and no one showed, I called and was told the technician is running late, and should be there between 1-2PM, I again waited, no technician. I called again, and this time was told a supervisor would contact me.. I was there until 4PM, and Comcast never showed up..

The Supervisor called the next day, and another appointment was set for two days later, and the same thing happened..

I packed up the equipment from old house, and take it to them only to be told they were going to charge a fee for terminating my contract with them, and to my surprise, they did sent me a bill..

Had to contact the corporate office with some major threats before the bill was cancelled..

to Andre Marina Del Rey, California, United States #684768

How did you contact corporate? I can't find any contact info.


I live in Columbia, Maryland. I have had Comcast since cable was available.

When it was just T.V. it was okay; when we added internet, a little less okay but when we added the phone as part of triple plaly.... that has been a nightmare. First, we had no phone because of 'band width' and they tore up the yard; then we had no phone because we were using the house wiring rather than tapping into cable directly; then we had no phone because our phones were 'no good'.

Next we had no phone because of too much rain, and now.... now we have no phone because they inadvertently took our number out of the system.... ???? What, what?

Comcast gave us a temporary number which even I won't know and told us 'it will all be well in 24 hours'... that was five days ago and countless hours on the telephone.

Over, the years, we have heard it all. I think it is time for Fios, more than time!

Hartford, Connecticut, United States #682830

Having Comcast as a service provider is terrible, you will have to quit your job in order to stay home and talk with their so-called customer representative all day, 7 days a week (365.242 days of the year). I have been a Comcast customer for over 8 years and am looking to change, I think that am too much of a loyal customer or am just an *** for sticking to their bad customer service, bad cable, bad internet, bad phone, and humungous wires that their service men have scattered all over my house. Comcast is so bad that I think they should change their slogan to " We don't give a **** so stay the *** away."

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