I have had comcast for the ast eight months and it has been the worst service possible. I've scheduled a technician to come out and check my service because it was constantly interupted, they only show up about 30% of the time, also as a way of "apologizing" for *** service I recieved a "free" dvr for a year, which I was charged for immediately.

Also they have made it impossible for me to pay my bill without extra fees, Its takes me about 2 weeks of calling in order to make a payment.

And due to having such difficulty paying my bill my service gets cut off every month and I have to pay all these fees evey time to get it turned back on, and I live in an apartment and I cant have a different provider. If anyone thinks about getting comcast you should have a psych evaluation performed immediately

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If you want to take a couple min reading this Comcast sob story, I think you will like it...

1. I get a TV/Cable package.


2. 1 week later, everything stops working. Comcast says, "sign up for this bundle and you'll be saving money and back to surfing TV/Web in no time!". Ok, nice, I'll take it!


1 week later, everything stops working again. Comcast says, "you don't have the right box and need replacement"....Ok, I drive down and get a new box, everything is working again" Cool!

4. 2 weeks later, Comcast kills more than half my channels. Comcast says, "this was not the right bundle, we are going to sign you up for a new one with no extra charge" Ookaay....

bill is the same price, but I'm on a different bundle and reclaim my channels.

5. Couple weeks later, Comcast kills my channels again and also raises my price because of the "last bundle" upgrade(which was supposed to be free...but apparently not now). Comcast doesn't know why, but they want to sign me up for "a new bundle that will save me money and give more channels"...again. I get the bundle, save no money and once again reclaim the same channels I've had from the beginning......wtf....

at this point, I'm thinking their just toying with me for fun. 6. Couple months pass. Bill gets raised by $25 randomly.

Comcast says "we made a mistake and gave you too good a deal, we need to bump down your cable service with less channels if you want to continue paying less, unless you want to continue paying this higher fee"... "we can also set you up with a new bundle with more channels at an extra $20/month" 7.

I hear the word "bundle" for the very last time in my life.

Texas, United States #895748

Their day of reckoning soon approaches.


Stay away from Comcast... they are thieves.

The price of my service goes up every 3 months. Their customer service sucks.

I talked to some of the customer service reps who were to have the managers call me so I could explain my issues but I never got a call back. This happened 2 times.


I've had Comcast for 30 years. alas...the word now is that bunny ears wont' work anymore, since they're trying to phase out local stations.

I just got my little digital box. The hype was that we would get more stations, but I lost my 2 favorite channels, and only got a terrible rock n roll station and a religious station in return. (Which may have been there before, but I programmed them out of my lineup)

Of course, my cable bill also went up by over 40%. It looks like they have us by the short hairs.


Just wait til they start jacking up your price after an initial short term bundle price expires. Ouch.

Get away from them QUICKLY.

Direct TV is sooo much better of an option. Frankly, not bunny ears may be a better option.

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