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Comcast is so annoying!! At first, they tell you the wrong balance we need to pay...then, the next month, they charge you a late fee. Their offer is always a trap. I should have just stuck with QWEST. QWEST is good at sticking with their promises unlike Comcast...Now, I cannot even switch it to QWEST because there is an additional charges that I can't afford. Guys! Do not get into the trap that comcast creates....It is tiring and too annoying.

Stick with QWEST if you currently have qwest and thinking about switching to comcast.

I have called COMCAST enough to solve the problems, but this time, I am tired of calling them.


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Can someone please tell me why Comcast does not have a solid price list for the services offered? All I see are "promotionals" without telling the current customers what options we have.

I have been a customer for 8 years and am unable to cut some services without maintaining the ones I want. Seems like a monopoly on how they "channel" things.

FCC - any answers? Sounds like an unfair monopoly practice duping customers.


Plain and simple, Customers need to form a class action against Comcast(now Xfinity)for,


A- Price gouging.


B- Unfair business practices.


C- Lying to customers (Bait & Switch tactics).


D- Fraudulent Billing Practices.


E- Changing customers packages and rates without notifying customers in advance.


*** Forcing customers to rent equipment that they don't really need or want just to raise the customers monthly bill for service.


G- Forcing customers to upgrade to a higher prices service and threatening to cut service or take away features if they refuse to upgrade.


H- False advertising.


There you have it folks, 8 good and valid reasons for a class action against Comcast.

The problem is for some reason people are afraid of forming a class action against this company...


if you thinks it's bad being a customer it's worse being an employee. A fat sup named Kim Edwards in the Lynnwood,WA call center sent email asking to work off the clock without pay.

we are winning a class action lawsuit. call the retention department and ask for discounts.

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