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Do not do business with Comcast, do to poor billing, poor customer service and no respect for the customer. On July 26, 2010, I called Comcast customer service to put in a request to pay my total bill on August 5, 2010 (bill only had two months) the CSR said I had to pay aleast $100.00 by Friday, July 30, 2010.

At that time, I let the CSR know that I would have to borrow the money, but I would pay the $100.00 on Friday, and they can proceed with cutting off the service if I don't pay the balance. I called August 6, 2010 and spoke with customer service and let them know that I would not be able to pay the bills (current/previous) balance until September 2010, which was ok. However, August 28, 2010, I discovered that the cable and internet services was disconnected. I did not contact Comcast because there was no need to when I did not have the money to pay them.

Therefore, I packed up all their equipment and placed it by the front door for pickup. No one contacted me about my account until around September 7, 2010, which was a collection agency. I informed them that I did not get a bill, and that I needed a bill to confirm the charges that I needed to pay. At that time I sent my information back to the company because my bill only had two months on it and no one had contacted me about it so it shouldn't be in collections.

Then on September 17, 2010 I received a text message telling me that I needed to pay my bill or return the equipment. I called the number back and told them that they should not text me becasue it cost $0.45 per text and if I keep getting text messages the cost will be taken from the bill (this was said verbelly and through a text). They came to pick up the equipment on September 11, 2010 (cable box, two converter boxs (unused), and an internet modem); they guy said that he did not need to the usb port for the laptop, however, he did remove the batteries from the converter boxes for his personal use. I placed a note on the receipt requesting a bill for the third time.

Then on today October 2, 2010 around 3:00 pm I got a call concerning a modem and that I needed to pay $411.00 on the account. I questioned this, the guy told me that was correct because I did not turn in the modem. I spoke with his manager and informed him that I turned in everything but the USB port, which the guy would not take. The manager again stated that I did not need to turn it in.

I am Very, Very, Very mad, because I have been trying to get a bill and close out this account since August and no one is trying to help me, but they a still changing me for services. It is not right for me the consumer to have to go through so much to get a bill for $200 (two months of service) even after all the equipment has been turned in, talking to two CSR's, placing a request on the equipment pickup order, speaking with three collect personal and sending a request to the Better Business Bueau.

Something needs to be done about Comcast. My personal opinion is, "I will never to business with Comcast again, even if they were the only company offering this type of service, I would rather read a book."

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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"however, he did remove the batteries from the converter boxes for his personal use."

First off, no converter box I've ever seen uses batteries. I think you're talking about a remote control. In any case, I think it's just as likely that the technician took the batteries out to ensure that new ones were inserted for the next customer. I'm sure the tech has dozens of remotes on his truck daily and is provided with NEW batteries by Comcast to put in those remotes. Pretty sure no one really wants your leftovers, and that's probably why he removed your used batteries. Unless the technician outright told you what he was planning to do with the batteries, assuming that he was a thief and spreading that around is really quite uncalled for.

Second, you should be an adult next time and cancel your services before being disconnected for non-payment. Cable is not a necessity and if you want to be treated with respect and as a valuable customer, you should really start by paying your bill EVERY month.

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