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I ordered Comcast Internet in August. They sent a technician to my house on Sept. 4. He identified my cable jack as a phone jack, told me I should run cable then call them back to install and he left. I went and looked at the jack after he left and sure enough it was cable.

I scheduled another appointment for Sept. 16. The technician tried to tell me the cable jack was a phone jack and he couldn't do anything. I told him to look closer and he was surprised to find it was a cable jack.

He proceeded with the install until he found out that there was filter on my telephone pole that wouldn't allow me to get internet from the cable company. He told me I would have to trim bushes and trees to allow him to get to the pole. So he left.

I trimmed the bushes and trees and called them back to reschedule, only to find out they've cancelled my order.

They offered to let me re-order and schedule an appointment for two weeks from today - 6 weeks from the original order date.


Monetary Loss: $50.

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Sounds like the tech made a rash move at first when looking at your jack. Next time at first blush identify the jack to the tech,(doctors have also been known to work on wrong body parts), this may have solved that issue on trip one.

Next, you cant expect a tech to clear your brush next to the utility pole. The tech was correct in this that he could have been injured trying to access the services filter on the line.

I would reorder services and calmly explain your previous concerns with customer service. Try for a promotional rate as well, Comcast is offering some good deals this month.

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