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What has happened to the expectation of customer service? Do cable companies like ComCast have such a monopoly that they no longer feel the need to provide even the basics of customer courtesy, let alone customer service or satisfaction.

As someone who has worked in the customer service industry for 20+ years I admit that I have certain standards when it comes to responsiveness and assistance. Recently I moved across country (a daunting task to begin with) and upon arriving at my new home I wanted to select and schedule cable television installation.

I went online, found the service provider (ComCast), completed a lengthy online application, selected an installation date (willing to pay extra for a personal visit and installation) and was then directed to participate in a "live" chat to verify information and services selected. Unfortunately, the representative could not "find" my address-never mind that this is an apartment complex with hundreds of units and only one cable provider (ComCast). The "live" representative apologized and took 2 telephone numbers letting me know that a representative would be contacting me within 24 hours.

I waited 2 days and attempted to log in to the Internet site again and for the second time entered all of my information (SSN, DOB, and more) only to AGAIN be stuck at the "live" chat stage with the representative informing me that she could find no record of my previous entry and discussion. AGAIN I was notified that I would be contacted within 24 hours. Leaving multiple contact numbers I waited for another 2 days before calling the cable company directly.

After wading through a plethora of selections, I was finally able to speak to an actual person who AGAIN could not find either of my entries, my home address, or assist me with ANYTHING! For the third time, my telephone numbers were taken and I was told that a supervisor would contact me in person. Amazingly, I never received a call back so for the fourth time I attempted to sign up for a service...while I may not elect for the highest package ComCast offers, I still had $$ to spend.

Once again, I called in to the company directly and spoke to a representative who obviously was never trained in the definition of the actual words-customer service-but I persevered and was happy when he informed me that he was able to find my address with no problem and could set me up for service. After explaining my experience so far to him, I let him know how excited I was to see a resolution in sight. Unfortunately, when asked which package I was going to select-the representative let me know that that package was an Internet special only so I would have to try the process on the Internet to qualify. Seriously??

At this point, I was so angry and while apologizing for my sarcasm and pithy comments, I asked the rep if their company was in fact an organization that provided services to customers (just in case I had the wrong company)! Finally, I asked to speak to a supervisor-so incredibly disgusted with my experience-only to be informed that one was not available but they could take my number and have someone call me back...Wow!

Restraining myself from slamming down the phone, I thanked the representative and ended the call.

All I can say is that this had to be one of the absolutely worst examples of customer service that I have ever encountered...So the question stands-does ComCast know the meaning of the words customer service?

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