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I signed up for Comcast a year ago and was told my bill would be the same for two years and that I would have starz and hbo for life at no a year later we get a bill that has doubled in price and was told that we were in a one year deal and that they have no record of the original conversation or the original paperwork. The guy on the phone never tried to talk us out of leaving them...which we found to be very odd.

Needles to say we decided to cancel our service based on blatantly being lied to by Comcast and went back to att (who were not fond of either)...a couple of days before our install with att I called Comcast and had them disconnect my service as of March 1 and asked what equipment to return and where to bring it to. The att installer told us that the Comcast guys did a horrible wiring job and that they cut the att lines, which they didn't need to do, but routinely do anyway. After the install we turned in our equipment and now nearly one month later we get a new monthly bill from Comcast and a past due bill...the bill indicates all hd service was removed on the 1st and nothing else. I'm expecting a refund check and now get something that is going to show up on a credit report.

I called and was told that I never called and asked them to disconnect and that they have no records of any phone calls...of course they do see that we turned in all of our equipment and can't explain why the hd service was removed from the bill.

After an hour of bickering with these jerks they said they'd fix the error but it would take at least 4 weeks to get a refund...making it now 8 weeks to get a refund, a refund we were planning on using for our att bill. I honestly believe that Comcast has a hidden policy that their employees are suppose to stop disconnects at all costs and if they don't they get some sort of black dot next to their name and so many black dots will lead to order to not get black dots next to their names they just don't record that you called to disconnect but merely called for a reduction in service or to ask general questions

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