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We moved to a new home on August 1st 2014. The previous owners had 4 bedrooms and living room and family room all prewired and used Comcast.

So I call Comcast to have service established at our home. The "installer" showed up at 8:45am when he was supposed to be here between 1 and 3 pm. Ok so maybe we get the job done early..looking good..right??? WRONG !!

He smelled like he had been living with wild animals in the woods for weeks, was extremely rude and only completed 1/3 of the job. Claiming he did not have all of the boxes and adapters I had ordered the week prior. Ohhh wait let me back up for a moment...when I ordered Comcast I was blown away at their pricing...99.00 a month for cable (one room) internet and telephone. $50.00 installation fee and no contract.

WHOA...sign me up I said !!! Well after ordering their boxes for three rooms and adapters for my childrens room the bill got up to $140.00. Still better than what I was paying to Dish and ATT. So I think we are good to go...until the cable installer from *** showed up.

Stinky, smelly and not prepared to do the job. He leaves and tells me Comcast will call me to reschedule for someone to finish the job he was not prepared to do. So I wait two days,no calls. I call them and ask when is someone going to come out and finish the job??

They tell me they have that the job was completed on the 8th and that if I need "additional services" I will have to be transferred to the sales department. Ok, so I explain that the guy only did 1/3 of the job, I am transferred around and finally assured someone from "dispatch" will call me the next day to reschedule. Two additional days later I get a call, that unfortunaltey I was vacuuming and did not hear my phone ring, so Nina leaves me a voicemail. She reinterates that if I want "additional services to call sales and request them.

Unfortunatley all of the people I have spoke to at Comcast say they do not know who nina is or how to transfer me to her. I have spoken to Sam, and Dana, Olivia and several more people there. Actually have called NINE times trying to get the issue of the original install never being completed, that we only have tv in 2 of the six rooms. So finally after requesting repeatedly to speak with a supervisor, and Sam telling me supervisors do NOT take calls from customers at Comcast, I get some young lady named Winter, that claimed to be a customer service supervisor.

She apologized and schedule an installer to be at our home yesterday between 8am and 10 am. So we wait, and wait and wait....NO installer shows up. At 3 pm I call Comcast back, making my 10th call, to be told that the installer is scheduled to be at home today. the 19th between 1pm and 3 pm.

Ok, so now they are just messing with us...right??? So day number THREE of our supposal install. 11;30 am this installer shows up, of course not the correct time, probably hoping we weren't going to be here, but comes in and asks us what it the problem with our service?? We explain the installer that initially came only installed 2 of the 6 rooms, (that are already prewired but we need boxes and adapeters for) and he says ohhhh well Comcast has you scheduled for a "technical problem" " I am not prepared to do a new install !" WHAT ?????

ARRRRGGGGHHHH !!!! Twilight Zone could not have written a better series !!! So to put the icing on the cake, I go check our mailbox and low and behold there is a Comcast bill. Now I hope you are sitting down.

The bill is for $296.00 !!!!

WHY you ask??? Because first incompetment installer charged us for wiring a new house and completely the entire install.

Monetary Loss: $296.

Store Location: Ocala, Florida

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After working in a previous call center we or should say they as I don't work there anymore are pretty much able to say "They don't know so and so" but they should leave documentation of each call so they should know the person. They just should not know how to get their extension.

Also supervisors should be able to take calls not sure why Comcast is always so difficult. I have Comcast as well and after all the things I've been reading I will be dreading when we have to cancel ours.