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My email to comcast: Saturday morning my internet went out.I called technical support and they told me to reboot my unit.

That didn't fix my problem so I called again. I described my situation and the rep told me that this is a known feature for my modem (motorola) but it would fix on it's own and take up to 24 hours. I was convinced but it was obvious that they just wanted me off the phone. The next morning, still not fixed, the rep told me that they could see yellow and red lights in my unit and that the modem was broken.

This also seemed untrue but I listened anyways. I went to the store and spent $150 on a modem. When I tried to activate it, I had the same exact problem (internet not sending) and the rep said that it was conclusive that my internet was not working (Versus a problem that could be fixed on it's own or a bad modem). I was also told that they could not send out a technician yesterday so I had to miss two hours of work today.

This caused me to lose $120 in wages and make me look bad for showing up late to work. When the technician showed up, he said that my internet was disconnected and that comcast disconnected the wrong house. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! I have technical support lying to me just to get me off the phone, I spent $150 on a modem that I did not need, I lost $120 in wages and now have a tardy at work, I could not use my home phone or internet or cell phone booster ALL weekend so I could not get what I had planned done, and you disconnected the wrong house.

WHY? I am tempted to just close my entire account and be done with Comcast and tell all of my friends about this experience unless a resolution is offered. I also have an another account at 738 xxx Street, 9xxxx which I will also cancel if you do not offer me some kind of compensation for this trouble.

I deserve money back and/or a new account promotion because it is not fair what me, my wife, or the other two people living in my house went through for 48 hours.I've lost all confidence in your technical support group and their urgent need to get me off the phone with dishonest advice.

Monetary Loss: $270.

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