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Overall customer service has been good but the billing policies are deceptive and anti-consumer directed. We have had internet, tv, and home security for just over 12 months and the two-year rate lock guarantee has already been broken twice with two monthly bill increases.

Once I was told that there was a local fee increase which was not verified by our city leaders and then Aprotection plan added to my bill ($17.75 per month) without notice to me. I am now required to keep the plan for 60 days before drooping and also pay a $60 for a house call to ultimately repair the service line. The line should be their issue to handle as the equipment they rent to me. So I have an annual bill increas of $303 without prior notice.

From reading numerous (thousands) of complaints by current and former Comcast customers. Comcast internet, cable tv quality, no home security are excellent but the escalation of cost should be not be legal. In short, at the end of my contract which Comcast has already violated, is over I will do as thousands of others are doing- ending cable services. Comcast uses dishonest billing practices to raise their rates to fix their own equipment at the expense of their own customers.

Since regulations were changed several years ago the cost of cable services have actually increased. Comcast is putting their own company out of business. I should have believed what so many others warned me about Comcast services.

Cut the cord and the options seem to be more available than ever. 4/17

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Bundle.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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