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My new 200$ a month services cut the very next day due to some rude person seeing an old 500$ bill from 2010. I was going to pay you 200$ a month for 2 years.

Now because Corporate office of the CEO states they are "POWERLESS" over their own employees and can do nothing about this. Ive started a mission to inform as many people as possible of how you people treated myself and my family due to your own greed! I will never stop informing people.

You people are way to big and powerful for your own good. I hope and prey each day new unsuspecting customers will see mine and the thousands of other people s bad reviews and stick to VERIZON because they are Nice and would never do this to people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Customer Care.

Reason of review: New services cut very next day after a rude phone call all due to disgusting greed!.

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Just pay your bill. Problem solved.