Weymouth, Massachusetts
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Thia is quite simple. Comcast Directory Assistance only gives the requested number once before it wants to charge you more to dial it.

So I call Comcast Customer Service to request that they give me the number again without a second call charge. Seems they couldn't talk to me unless I gave them all my account information. Seemed a waste to me. So they kept saying they would transfer me to a supervisor but never did.

They just kept putting me on hold and transferring me back into the Que. This went on for a fun filled 45 minutes before they won and I hung up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

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so why didn't you Google it a-s-s h-o-l-e what makes you so special that you deserve the number for free? everyone charges to dial numbers by the way who the F-U-C-K calls directory assistance anymore

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