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I worked in the direct sales department knocking about 13,000 doors in mostly saturated territories (employed there a year and six months, felt I was basically forced out)only to find out over time that there were secret projects and events that I was never told about. I was isolated in the field so I didn't have a clue for some time the tremendous advantages others were being afforded.

Some direct sales reps were making 150,000 a year and more. The knock formula was knock 70 doors a day get a sale. What, were they knocking 500 doors a day or something? I was out trying to do that every day (and there were plenty of days that I actually knocked that many and more) not knowing that others were being handed referrals and prime turf opportunities where new broadband was(such as Caroline, Stafford, Louden Spotsylvania, Prince William, county Virginia) being laid, in order to keep their sales numbers up and through the roof (solidifying their employment I believe)and their wallets fat.

I'm not blaming all the sales staff (although some appear to be participating in various ways), as management was supposed to be the ones responsible for distributing territory equitably. Early on, I was told not to knock homes in close proximity(i.e apartments) and that's a long story. I knocked single family doors in 110 degree heat index as best I could (going in and out of buildings dripping sweat), heavy winds, rain, snow, thunder, ice and still managed to keep my sales numbers up over the required levels. As the months passed I started to discover these secretive projects and events and asked to be on one of them (I believe my contract was breached, as I was supposed to be an Events and Sweeps Representative (I did a lot of Winback work as well, I was assigned that territory)and was being isolated in inferior/saturated territory.

The wheels were set in motion to get me out,as I now knew and was asking to be treated with at least some level of fairness. The wheels appeared to be in motion anyway because I was neither friend, kin, nor other. They actually did not appreciate my hard work, and my sales talent and great customer service skills (yes, I cared about the customers). I was just in the way now.

And then my performance appraisal was tampered with-to put it nicely. That was devastating after how hard I had worked. After I realized that HR and upper management/leadership were going to do NOTHING to help me,in fact,they were participating in making matters worse,I felt the safest thing for me to do was to give notice(I had filed a formal harassment and discrimination complaint)and file an EEOC, as more happened and I got the message loud and clear. And they had tried to put me on a stage, saying that my "numbers" were not high enough.I had enough sense not to sign that I agreed with that ridiculous, inaccurate form.

Over the time I was there I had watched as people half my age dropped out.

I never called in sick and never really complained(a couple of times I made some reflective comments about happenings and observations in the field)about doing my work as I was more than physically able to do my job effectively(an older, woman with intestinal fortitude)and so I did.

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Just got my sevice on, after a week an a half, payed my bill about a week an a half early. Now my Cable television is off, I talked to two tech's who acted like they were sworn to secrecy an couldn't help me at all.

I couldn't speak to a supervisor, where's the honesty. They waited until I payed my bill to pull this ***. So I guess your damned if you pay on time, before time, or after time meaning being late. What's going on with these Cable companies is pathetic, they get away with murder.

They are a bunch of *** artist, that needs to be brought down.we need new Cable companies if they had more competition maybe they wouldn't pull half of that *** that they do pull. Who regulates them & their actions, because it seems like they just do their own thing whatever they say goes even though they can lie in a heart beat, while there's no repocustions.

I mean really everything should have checkef out, from the beginning, I find out something is wrong and I have no idea what it could be, the say just come to Comcast with iD , but why is a secret it this some kind of set up or something? What the heck is going on?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Lost in Philadelphia

Buy a cable company


We are having a similar experience with Comcast and their age discrimination policies in the North East sales and support organizations. Do you know if there are any attorneys who are currently pursuing a class action law suit against Comcast for their discrimination against older workers?