Comcast freaking sucks!This new"upgrade" is no upgrade for consumers, just an upgrade in their costs at the expense of downgrading service. They robbed us of our ability to program our DVR, stole our local HD channels, and the ability to use my remote with the TV it came with...

and if I want some(not all)that back, I have to pay at least $6 more a month per TV to "upgrade". They basically told me to deal with it! As soon as I can, we're going somewhere where at least I get to decide what I pay for!

I warn everyone: Stay away from Comcast... they are horrible!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

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Ever wonder why it's marketed as Xfinity instead of INfinity? Because if it were INfinity, it would be assumed that you were actually getting more IN your service.

But we can see that many basic functions were taken away, just "X'ed" out, thus Xfinity.

Makes sense doesn't it? :upset


DTA boxes don't work after "easy installation" Tec service now required if I want to get my full complement of stations. Comcast says the boxes are defective. Right!


They think this uproar will go away over time and they can laugh all the way to the bank. We have to make sure that it does not and I am going to make it my new hobby to make sure that all remember the arrogant way that Comacat has treated its customers.


You're correct. Not to mention, the digital adapters are totally unnecessary, because it's a fix they could do outside of the house, but are instead leaving it up to the consumers to make requests.

They are saving costs in doing the conversion on their own, as well as gaining profit from all the people who are going to upgrade service so they can keep their local HD. It's disgusting that they are bricking so many TV remotes by forcing their boxes down everyone's throats. There is no reason that my TV should not be able to get local HD broadcast channels (which are free over an antennae) just because I'm paying to have a coax cable feeding a signal. All of the people who listened to the messages Comcast put out saying you had to do nothing if you had a cable box with them, or have a new HDTV -- Think of how many of those people bought HDTVs just on Comcast's word -- and it isn't like Comcast didn't' know they'd be doing digital upgrades less than a year later.

At the VERY LEAST, Comcast should be providing boxes that are HD capable to give their customers the ability to continue enjoying local HD channels without having to do workarounds (which is Comcast's suggestion - buy more equipment, install more wires!!!) --- This company likes to pretend like they aren't in dark ages, on the tail end of video technology, and to prove it, the announce a big digital upgrade - an upgrade that requires users to have the same type of STBs that they've been using since the early/mid-90s. Yet, the consumers are still the joke for sticking with Comcast.

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