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I have been with Comcast for about 10 yrs and I always pay my bill on line and so on September 3rd of 150.00 that was what was due so I did on every month and so I went o the store to get food and I had no money on my card so I called Comcast so I as told to go to the office to talked to agent so I did and I was told that I wouldn't get it back until the 18th of September but I have no food I get 733 a month I have high blood pressure and dibeties and I have to eat to live I could go in to a coma or die if I had the money I wouldn't be so upset so what I want is my money back so I can eat im in a wheel chair and on oxygen night and day I cant make it without my money back how would think I should do just die I have talked to so many people and they don't hear me I could die from not eating so I talked to 7 people and they all told me something different how can so many people work for you and none of them will tell you some of the lies and they did I was put on hold about 20 to 30 mins so when I told them that I was going to go in front of the office with a sign saying how my money was taken by that machine and that I would in my wheel chair in front until my money was given back to me I called jesse and he said if I didn't get my money back call him and I will If I don't get my money back and your people need training on how they talk to us the people we do pay you every month and if we don't you will turn off our service that day why cant we get the same service

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Comcast Cons: How i had to talk to so many people to gett what i needed.

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One red flag is you're on SSI. Right there says "Don't go beyond your means." Two, the agents on the other end of the phone were probably the "Collections" or "Payment Services" (Now called to make it sound friendlier), and those guys can't do a whole lot when you're not making your payments and don't check to make sure the payment went through.

(You're responsible for your financial circumstances. Don't blame companies or their representatives for your flaws.

Just an unbiased perspective. You don't get to be entitled for what you don't pay for...