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When we moved for Florida, we called Comcast to set up internet service. We work with people that have special needs to provide work for them.

I explained to the Comcast Representative that we would like to have the most inexpensive internet setup. He said the least expensive package was $131.00 and it included TV and Digital Voice. I said we do not have a TV at our work location and we do not need digital Voice. We only need the internet to process orders.

He said "if I take the TV and Digital Voice out of the package you are going to pay more".

He did not tell me that they have an internet package for $69.95. I am going to file a complaint with the FCC for this criminal action.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Plan.

Reason of review: False criminal selling techniques..

Monetary Loss: $550.

Comcast Cons: False selling techniques.

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The reason this happens...alllllll the because everyone is paid commission on any new LOB's....Lines of Business....TV, internet, voice (land line phone), and XH... Home Security.

The more lob's one sells at a time (double play...triple triple play...quad play), the bigger the bonuses are. The problem is two fold....inherent in the commission/bonus structure...which would be fine if humans weren't driven by and worship money. People lose their integrity when tempted by the almighty buck....that's the second part of the inherent issue with the existing structure.....people. It is too tempting even by the most integritous (is that a real word? is now!

Ha!)person. Most try. People, I still believe are more good than bad....just need to smarter and develop a compensation plan that supports the customer, the company, and the employee.

If you can think of it, you can do it.....there has to bad a way....sorry....this has bugged me for years!!!!!!!! Thanks for letting me vent!