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When I signed up for TV, Internet and Phone service with Comcast, I asked specifically when will my 1st bill would be due. I was told 30 days from installation and no other information was given for me to make an informed decision.

30 days from the 06/27/18 installation worked out perfectly because it closely aligns when I receive my check. On June 27, 2018, Comcast installed TV, Phone and Internet in my home and cancel other provider service 06/28/18. At 6:00 pm 06/28/18, I received a bill for 245.56 due 07/17/18 which is 20 days from install date not 30 days. The service is June 27, 2018 - July 26, 2018 so I called for them to update and/or change the due date as I was told.

Now they're saying it 20 days from installation which is unacceptable. Comcast should provide and honor what is told to their customers especially new customers.

They should not instruct their employees to deceive the customer for a new account and revenue. I am furious because I've disconnected my other services from another provider and now have to have them reconnected.

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