Salt Lake City, Utah
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Comcast customer service is anything but service. It is an exercise in frustration.

My bill prices was jacked up to where basic internet and cable are ridiculous. I called about every 6 months to get it lowered again. Sometimes they are cooperative, but more times not. Last time i had to write a complaint to the BBB to get their attention.

It is looking like I might have to do it again. I want basic interest and basic cable for 39.99 and no more. That is all I want. It is not asking too much.

Chat is useless. I lost my cool on the last agent I spoke to. Hold times on the the phone are ridiculous, especially 6 times in 24 hours.

If I had an alternative to Comcast, I would take it in a heartbeat.

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Comcast has Misleading Advertising and it needs to be reported to the full extent!!! they just need to shut down and stop ripping people off!! customer guarantee is a flat out lie!!


I had a two week fight with Comcast Online CS about jacked up fees and billing rates on a new Triple Play promotion. The last person that I talked to on the phone told me to take my order confirmation and bill to the local Comcast/Xfinity store and they would fix it.

And they did, in about ten minutes they not only got me back to the original deal that I paid for but gave me a store discount of 5%, 80 additional channels, doubled my internet speed, and gave me a free months service!

The best thing they gave me was advice: NEVER order and Comcast/Xfinity Service online and NEVER contact their online Customer Service Dept. ONLY work with the store personnel if you have a local Comcast/Xfinity Store.


I had comcast for two years and had to do the same thing repeatedly. I would get my bill for 45 bucks for internet and cable and then one day a 130 dollar bill.

I would call and have to argue with someone who would state my promotion price has run out.

I finally caved in and just disconnected everything. It's true, parts of Co it's your only *** option. When I returned the box and router, they wanted to charge me for the equipment three months later.

So save all your receipts because they will claim you never returned it.

I was smart by keeping mine. They are the ultimate rip off here.