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This is the email sent to Comcast Executives:

Obviously, talk really is cheap, I feel like I need a John Stewart moment here to try really hard to emphasize the irony in these 3 articles and many subsequent ones, especially this past week, all in which high level Comcast executives try to assure the world that they are improving customer service.

The email below was sent to your CEO 2 days ago – no response. He’s obviously a very busy man but if I can get a response from Bank of America’s CEO in less than 24 hours and they are also pretty low on the customer service totem pole, then Comcast must be wallowing in the depths of ***.

Let me add to my woeful tale and let you know what has transpired since my last communication to your exalted leader – read the email below first to provide sobering context:

The technician who arrived on May 5th at 9.15 at night assured me that he would arrange for a team to come out and repair the line for my home and my neighbors, in fact, his phone was on speaker and I heard him confirm this. In addition, A supervisor named Ben (ID 2010) with whom I was on the phone at the time also assured me that this was going to a high level priority and he would personally follow up and gave me a job confirmation number: 459959833. Yeah right, a Comcast employee that follows up.

If I was *** I would have trusted them to this task, I’ve become very wise in the past 10 days, so I called today to find out if there is a technician scheduled to repair the line in the neighborhood. No, of course there wasn’t but the kind gentleman who had the misfortune of taking my call (ID 1940974) scheduled a service call for May 9th, another 2 days to wait on top of the 9 already with no service. And, this poor guy had no clue why there had been no prior repair scheduled after the May 5th service call. I won’t believe there is a service call scheduled until I actually have an Internet connection again.

There is only one way Comcast can redeem itself, it will take years to get anywhere near a place where you can adequately use the term “Customer Service” but you may be able to rise out of *** into some kind of purgatory if you hired whoever is in charge of customer service at T-Mobile, imagine that, Americans leaning something about efficiency from Germans. Both telecommunications companies, one cares about its customers, one doesn’t give a *** – but then the Devil doesn’t really have any desire to please.

This email is coming to Comcast personnel with thanks to the fast , efficient and effective service provided by T-Mobile, if that doesn’t hurt then there is no hope for your company.

From: Tali Wolder []

Sent: Tuesday, May 5, 2015 10:05 PM

To: ''

Subject: I'd be embarrassed to be running this company

As CEO of the company that is voted worst customer service in the country, perhaps my issues with Comcast would be a perfect example of how you got to this exalted state.

Tuesday April 28th, I lost my Comcast Internet service. I checked the online app which indicated an outage in my area. After a few hours of waiting I called Comcast technical “Service” and was told the outage would be repaired by 3.00 pm that day.

That evening still no service, I called again and was told service would be up by 10.00 pm. Nothing at that time, I called again Wednesday and was now told that there was no outage in the area and the problem was in my home. As I was on the phone with Comcast, I noticed a Comcast Van 2 doors down from my house, Apparently that neighbor was having an issue too. I was astounded that your supposedly great technology could not figure out that 3 houses next to each other all had a problem with service. I requested a technician immediately and was told one would be provided on Thursday, April 30th, no time could be confirmed but there would be a technician.

I moved all my business appointments to Friday and waited for the technician who never arrived. But, my next door neighbor did actually get a technician Thursday. Both technicians who had called on my two neighboring homes informed the owners that the problem was with the outside line and not with equipment in the homes.

So, no appointment as promised for Thursday and I called again to hear a recorded message saying that a technician was due on Friday, I had never been informed of this and keep in mind that I had moved my Thursday appointments to Friday.

I now had to call again and literally beg for a Saturday appointment because cancelling on my clients again would have lost me business.

So, a technician arrived Saturday, is here for 5 minutes to confirm what 2 other technicians on the street have already stated, that the problem was with the cable box.

Think for a moment how much less our monthly cost would be for your dismal service if you could somehow coordinate 1 technician on one street in one day.

Not one of these 3 technicians had reported the problem with the line to their office because when I called again Saturday, I was told there was no record of any cable repair being necessary and no-one had called in for the line to be repaired.

I requested someone come out and do this, I was assured this would occur on Tuesday at “sometime” – very accurate scheduling.

I called during the day Tuesday and was assured that my call was number 9 on the technician’s list of 9 calls for the day, he works from 8 am – 8 pm and would be there by that time at the latest.

8 pm came and went, meanwhile, my neighbor, as frustrated as I was, called Comcast too and was assured a technician would be out to check the line on Wednesday, obviously not a single record at Comcast to show that there was one scheduled for Tuesday at my house and not too difficult to figure out, even for a layman like myself, that the problem is common to all 3 homes.

The technician arrived Tuesday 9.15 pm while I was again on the phone with Comcast wondering why he had not arrived at 8.00 pm. Think for a moment, a school night and someone from Comcast rings on my doorbell at 9.15 pm.

And the word from the technician? – Duhh, there is a problem with the line and to quote him, “you must have had Comcast for a long time because the equipment is very old”. Let’s not even get into why Comcast doesn’t maintain its equipment adequately. He calls dispatch and tells me it will now take another 5 – 7 business days for someone to come out and install a new cable. It has taken Comcast exactly 1 week and 4 technician calls to the street to come to this conclusion – I could have told you that by day 2. The incompetence is embarrassing.

Just as an aside, this is exam month for my daughter in high school – all her textbooks are online and I work as a Realtor, often from home, not having Internet service for a week now, and probably the next week to come has been frustrating to say the least. I have been using my cell phone as a wireless hotspot. Actually very effective, it is costing me money but, long term, I may actually consider that a solution and tell Comcast to take a hike. When it comes to customer service and responsiveness, Comcast could take a page out of T-Mobile’s book.

Some things that transpired with my various calls:

- On more than one occasion I requested speaking to a supervisor, as your people are trained, they did everything possible to dissuade me from being put through to a supervisor, on two occasions when I was put through to a supposed supervisor I was later told that there was no record I ever spoke to a supervisor in my file. In other words, your people are trained to just hand angry customers from one operator to another so the dumb customer will think she’s being put through to an actual supervisor. You “Service” team cannot call or communicate with Dispatch, the response from my 20 year old son – “ But aren’t they a telecommunications company? Can’t they just make a call?” Yes, the college student with virtually no business experience doesn’t see the logic to your system.

- On one call while trying to explain I was having difficulty trying to get my work done with no Internet service your representative tried to sell me a business service. I asked if I would get better service if I changed and he said yes. I asked him to clarify that residential service is inferior to business service and he confirmed that it was. Really nice way to treat your millions of residential customers, providing inferior back up service and admitting it.

- Everyone I spoke to in my 12-15 calls in the past week followed their *** script and apologized for my inconvenience and said they understood my problem. No they did not, if there was any real understanding, I would not still be waiting for a resolution a week later.

- Your call center staff have no authority to do anything of value or to solve any problems, why do they even exist, they are costing me money.

I am going to hit send on this email but I wrote it out of pure frustration not because I believe it’s going to serve any purpose whatsoever. A service ethic in a company reflects the attitudes at the top, yours and that of your executive team must suck so badly. I for one am thrilled that your merger with Time Warner did not go through.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Comcast Cons: 1 star is too generous.

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