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Please read the last paragraph--I have a suggestion about how all the disgruntled people can get back at Comcast.

I called to schedule an transfer of service from my old provider to Comcast on 12/19/2010. They tell me that I can have it installed on 12/26/2010 between 4 and 7 pm. I say great and we agree to pricing. I also got the rep. to agree (in writing via a chat session) that if the installer was late, that they would reimburse me for my standard billing rate for any time spent waiting or dealing with them. On 12/19/2010 after the time and installation is set, I get an e-mail that says my installation window is "anytime" on the 26th. So, I open another chat session and they now tell me that their system shows installation from 2- 4 on the 26th. I, ask how this got changed, and I'm told they don't know. In short, I say that 2-4 still works, but that the guy better be on time.

On the 26th at 4 pm I call (because nobody showed up) and I'm told that someone will call me back within 15 minutes to confirm the arrival time. 20 minutes later, I called back and they told me that I had never called in before about the installer not being there. After about 20 minutes I'm told by the Mexican associate, that somebody's on their way. At 5 pm, I call again and I'm told by the associate that he'll check with "dispatch." After 5 minutes, he comes back on and tells me that dispatch is closed. So, I get a supervisor on the phone and she tells me that she called "dispatch" though a special phone number and that they'll call me directly and give me 20 minutes notice before the installer arrives. She also tells me that because of all the problems she'll give me free installation and all services free for a full month. Fast forward to 7:30 when I get a call from "dispatch" telling me that "It's not our fault. You need to call customer service to have them accommodate you. We ain't going to do it tonight. I don't have anybody in the field." So, I call back and I get another supervisor who tells me that "wow, that's terrible" "However, our system doesn't have any notes about any of this." So, I explain the whole thing again and she says "I'll give you free Cinemax for 3 months." When I ask about the free month of service that the other supervisor was going to provide me, she says "I don't know about that, but it ain't going to happen. I can't offer that." So, after 45 minutes (I'm timing all this BS for billing purposes), we finally agree that service will be installed on December 31 between 8 and 10.

Guess what, they installer didn't show up until 11 am. When he arrived he screwed around doing God knows what for 45 minutes and then started his install. When it came to the installation of a new cable outlet, he wanted authorization to drill though an exterior wall to run the cable on the outside of the house. I explained that the house was not slab-on-grade construction and that there was a crawl space that could accommodate the cables and showed it to him. His response is that's too much work and he gets on the phone with his supervisor. When he comes back in he says he can't do it that way (that should be read as, "I'm a baby and I don't want to crawl around under the house"). As a former contractor (before becoming an attorney), I volunteer to run the crawl under the house so that the installation is completed to my satisfaction. He gets back on the phone and 20 minutes later comes back in to tell me that his supervisor won't allow that (so, now I can't even crawl under my own house). He then says that he can't complete the installation. I tell him, fine "get out, but just make sure that the old service is still intact--I'll take it up with corporate on Monday."

When I go to turn on the TV (2 minutes after he left), there's no service, no phone and no modem. So, I call and they say they'll get the tech back. 20 minutes later and nobody's back. So, I call back and the supervisor tells me that they've contacted dispatch and somebody will call me back with a time when somebody will be there, that day, to complete the installation. Fast forward 4 hours and 17 calls later when the customer service supervisor tells me that the tech isn't coming back because he's at another job and there's nothing he can do except schedule another appointment.

In short, I'm filing a lawsuit against Comcast this coming week for breach of contract, reimbursement for my lost time (at the agreed-upon rate) intentional interference with internet and cable services--which are actionable under federal and state statutes. We may also be considering a class action suit based on all the complaints that I have subsequently found. If you're in a similar situation, please also consider filing a similar civil action--you can even file this in small claims court. It would put a real smile on my face to see this company bled dry and forced into bankruptcy by having to pay attorneys' fees to defend several thousand civil actions all brought at the same time.

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*** you all!! "EX_ CONTRACTOR"!!!


thats right *** take it too court


Clearly, you don't understand the legal theory, which sounds in tort, not contract. Moreover, the point is not necessarily to win, but rather to cause them severe pain and cost to defend--Most legal cases are settled when parties appreciate the costs of litigation, especially discovery.


A. That "quote in writing" from a chat agent won't stand up in court as a legal agreement. In our TOS it says very clearly that we don't reimburse for lost time and we don't offer inconvenience credits.

B. If you're an ex-contractor, why not just have him hook up the cable and run the line how you want later?

C. Your time isn't worth what you think it is, people call all day long with their "I charge 2,000 an hour for my time" right....but we're not on your time. You're calling us to come out and hook up a service. We're not your client, and we'll come out whenever is convenient. If you were losing money by not working that day, you should have schedule it on an "off" day.

Good luck in court, our TOS covers almost any "legal" situation you can think of