Salinas, California

I spent 60 minutes trying to resolve a problem and all the cust. serv.

rep. could do was repeat back to me my problem...See spoke English but she did not seem to understand me at all...Also why is Comcast employing reps overseas when we need these jobs so much !!

There used to be a Comcast call center in Livermore , CA and they closed...Now this person I talked to was in the Phillipine's!! I am outraged at that...It was also very hard to even find the cusomer service phone number..I will be cancelling my service with Comcast ....

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appointment Tues between 4-6 comcast tech to come phone service. At 4:35pm comcast (lady) customer service called said tech cannot make it and need to reschd to Fri same time so I asked for $20 credit as the customer service who initial set up appointment told me will get if tech not come as appointment, she just hang up as soon as I asked her about credit.

I called comcast deal with their record for 20 min. finally got customer service (another lady with accent like India) said tech is the only one can put that $20 credit to account and this credit is for not make it in window time but changing appointment not apply.

I said comcast the one who changed appointment not us customer then she said she cannot do anything because she does everything online and have access to do anything with account.

REALLY!! bad bad customer service - it's official I hate comcast and will search to get service from some other.


"Also why is Comcast employing reps overseas when we need these jobs so much !!".....because....folks overseas will work for health care or benefits......try doing that here in the US.......thank your president....


Which one? This outsourcing has been going on through at least three presidents.