Provo, Utah
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Recently upgraded to the business class because we were being throttled on our residence level. (Understandably. We were in fact going over the limit.)

However, ever since the upgrade, our connection has been inconsistent.

One minute we will have a connection with 10msp (ping), 50megabits down, 10 up (Which is a good connection). Run that SAME scan 2 minutes later, and we have 250 milliseconds ping, 1 megabit down, 1 megabit up. (This, is a *** conection.)

I have called Comcast to have them come out and take a look. The appointment was made, but the Technician did not show. I called the next day and sat on hold for 40 minutes before hanging up.

I am so unsatisfied with this ***, but I have no choice. Comcast has the best speeds to offer for my block, but they are so inconsistent that I can't help but want to BEG a company like Utopia to come out to our area.

To say I am extremely unsatisfied would be an extreme understatement.

Comcast, you genuinely suck.

I give your "Customer Support" a 0/10

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Bremen, Georgia, United States #280978

If you would like to cancel your service with Comcast and you don't want to pay the cancelation fee just cancel the credit card you used for the account. Tell the bank you lost it and get a new account number.

This will stop Comcast from charging anything to your old account.

The return the equipment.If this service is not older then 30 days you have the right to cancel the service with no extra charges.... And don't get Clear Internet they suck as to speeds and connections, I know I have there service.......

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