I may have had my worst experience ever at the Xfinity store in at Atlanta at their Battery location. It was about 6:45 PM on April 19, 2021.

I have been having Comcast internet outages over the past month. No there will not be any tickets as it is just too hard to really get someone to help you and the answer is always the same. Hoping it might be the modem, I brought it with me. Mr.

Butler, who never bothered to introduce himself, simply said that isn't our modem. Then he said "so you want a new modem." After I asked how much he said they only rented them and if you want to buy you have to go somewhere else. Then asked him about service options. He said I had no promotions on my account and he would see what he could do.

He then asked if I wanted Epics. I asked what it was and he couldn't tell me except to say it was premium channel. I asked which premium channel and he couldn't tell me. I asked for a channel list by package he couldn't or wouldn't provide it.

He then very rudely asked me again if I wanted Epics or not. I asked him I had it now and he finally looked and said no. So then he produced me a quote for "exactly what I had now." The price was exactly what I was paying currently. I asked about the value of the promotions and he couldn't explain it.

So to keep the same price for what was maybe the same service, I would have to sign a 12 month agreement. He said I could get $10 off with auto pay but I could get that with my current plan. By now Mr. Butler was frustrated and started raising his voice and became borderline rude.

I left and thanked him for accelerating my search for a new carrier. Absolutely the worst.

User's recommendation: no way.

Location: Marietta, Georgia

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