Albuquerque, New Mexico

I have a recurring problem with internet/HD services that seems to happen every 2-3 months and Crapcast refuses to fix. latest incedent:

May 17th internet dropping off badly, called Crapcast and went thru their normal know, the "do this do that reset this unplug that" routine..finally get a tech to come out the next day. Tech checks all inside connections,says there is nothing wrong, and leaves. 2 days later SAME *** PROBLEM...same *** runaround to get another tech out. Tech checks all connections (inside and out this time!)and the same "nothing is wrong" answer. Asked him to check the line coming from the pole to my house,he did so, found a weak signal and tells me "It's a hard line problem" and that a line tech has to come fix it. 3 hours later I see a ladder going up in the neighbors back yard, and the guy gets it tangled up in all the lines, knocks out ALL my services (tv, phone, internet) and then LEAVES without fixing all the damage he just caused! Of course,I'm all pissed now, call crapcast to tell them what is going on, and am told "there is a major outage in your area and nothing can be done until the outage is fixed" (Guess what? I know what/who caused the outage!)Another 3 hours go by,and my services finally come back on and guess what? SAME *** PROBLEM is still there.

Call Crapcast AGAIN, go thru the runaround a 3rd time, get an "emergency tech" scheduled for "between 8 and 10am" the next day. I awoke at 7:30 this morning to someone pounding on my door. it's the tech that's not supposed to be here for another 1/2 hour at least! as soon as I let the guy in, his pisspoor attitude shines thru and he starts talking down to me like I'm an *** and that all the problems are my fault. He then tries to tell me that my internet is fine and the drop offs are all in my head!(really? are you *** kidding me?) when I ask him "then why did the other tech say it was a hard line problem, and why did a line tech come out to fix it..( and *** it up even worse)...if it's all in my head?" he says "oh, I didn't know about that." he then fiddled with all my connections, and put in a "7 day watch" on my internet service to see if/when I have drop offs, and then left.

After 5 drop offs since he left, I call Crapcast yet AGAIN only to be told that they cannot do anything until the 7 days are up and the ticket is closed out...WTF!

what the *** kind of "customer service" is this? I pay over $150 a month for this *** *** service?

When will Crapcast admit it is their 20-30 year old lines that are the problem and replace them?....oh wait..that costs more money then it does to send a tech out every 2 months, so that will never happen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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