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October 20, 2008


To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Theodore Narh. I’m writing this complaint letter for the non performance standards that I received on Saturday, October 18, 2008 from Comcast Cable Technician Tech: 6171 MJ Jones. It was a waste of my time to stay home from work to get my cable installed and the tech came to my house and then left for an hour and then came back and left again. I experienced a frustrating to day to be lied to by your customer service reps. it took me 8 phone calls for a manger to call me back. I was schedule to have cable service installed between the hours of 11am to 2pm.

1) I called customer service and spoke with Amy Badge ID No. 8533 and Amy informed me that the tech will be there by 3:30pm.

2) I called customer service back at 3:43 pm and spoke with Poppie Badge ID No. 7759 and informed Poppie that I was assured by Amy Badge ID No. 8533 that the tech will be at my house at 3:30pm and Poppie informed me that the tech will be there by 4pm.

3) At 3:56pm with a digital cable box and a remote control and left it on my table and informed me that he’s going outside to check the cable box.

4) The tech came back at 5:00pm and stated that he had the wrong tools and assured me that he would be back at my apartment by 6pm.

5) At 5:09pm, I called customer service and spoke with Leval Badge ID No. 7288 and informed him that the tech came to my apartment and did not install the cable and left and came back an hour later to say he had the wrong too. Leval assured me that the job will be completed before 6pm.

6) I called customer service back at 6:04pm and that rep. stated he did not have an ID number and I did not get his name, but he assured me that a Supervisor will call me and for me give him my this number, which is #9801.

7) At 7:34pm and informed them that the tech has yet to arrive back at my apartment and James let me speak to his manager, whom name is Dominic Badge ID No. 1791 and Dominic assured me that the tech would be back before 9pm to install my cable service.

8) At 9pm, the tech never should up and I spent 10hrs in my apartment waiting on the tech and for my cable service to be installed. It was an inconvience for me to *** work and get the run around all day long and it frustrated me.

9) On Sunday, October 19, 2008 I called again and spoke with John Badge ID No. 3029 and informed him that my cable service is yet to be installed and John informed me as the Supervisor he could send anyone to my apartment.

Where’s the Creditability and Accountably in Comcast Cable and the people whom you have answering the phone?

Theodore Narh


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How do I write a complaint against Comcast? On top of my tv service being out and three weeks being with no internet service I end up with a terrible very rude technician who has not business helping anyone. She didn't even know what her job was.