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Called comcast on several occasions, couldnt get anyone to listen to me. Apt complex that i moved into have a scam going on with cable tv seen them many times putting a ladder against my bldg to gt to cable .

They do this late at night and have friends watch for someone coming. They are pulling cable into their roofs, and some thru their wall . I know this is common in apts and cable comes out after receiving complaints and can never detect this scam. This one particular guy does this for many tenants here.

They even cheered when cable guy left unable to detect anything. This guy is good at what he does ,hardly anyone purchases cable, all they need is unsuspecting person that gets it installed. Theirs clicking of your box from every direction of apts.

This guy drives around for hours clicking your box from outside when hookin other people up. If no box available he puts a ladder n uses splitter.

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My recommendation: take a few pictures if you can, and call the police. This is something that cable companies can't necessarily detect all the time.

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