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Over a month ago to arrange to change my Comcast business class service to Comcast residential service. The rep off-handedly told me that he could not cancel business internet, and I would have to cancel it myself after residential was installed.

When I called comcast business internet to cancel, I was told that I was required to give 2 months notice to cancel! I reviewed the original business class contract I signed many, many years ago and did not find ONE WORD referring to the 60 day cancellation requirement anywhere on that piece of paper I signed, and was told by the business class rep that I had agreed to the 60 day cancellation policy in the 'terms and conditions' which were NOT printed on the form, but obliquely referred to in small print. Though I will remain a Comcast internet customer with residential rather than business internet, they are going to charge me for two additional months of service under the business internet.

I was NOT advised one month ago by the residential customer service rep that I would be required to give 2 months notice to the business internet, and additionally, I never actually signed a physical piece of paper setting forth in writing the cancellation clause. This is defrauding the public.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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I just experienced the same thing. They are misleading when they offer Comcast business plan.

The sales person that offered the plan came to my business and I signed a paper copy of the contract. Not once did he mention the 60 day notice nor did he tell me of the ETF of %75. When I called to cancel my service the representative told me I had to still pay for 2 months of service or I can waive that if I have the new tenant sign up of Comcast. This is clearly a scam.

They want me to sign up their next customer!!. I was pissed.

Each time I challenged the rep that no where on the paper I signed did it state a 60 day notice or ETF. He only kept saying "It's in the agreement you signed." THIS IS A SCAM!!!


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They will not work with you and not friendly at all.

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