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August 21, 2011 (2:30-3PM): I return to my residence to find that my TV (both receivers) were inoperative and error message: "Service is temporarily unavailable, channel will be back shortly" (not verbatim, but along those lines). I figured it was something temporary and did not mind the wait (nor did I know how long it has been like this since I was not at my residence for a few hours and it was working before I left). I also attempted to log on to the Internet which was also not available as well.

August 21, 2011 (4:29PM):

After a few hours, there was still no service so I called Comcast. I used the system to attempt to "refresh" my units and nothing took place. After which, I contact Comcast again to speak to a representative. The first rep. was with the cable portion and attempted to troubleshoot. He was unsuccessful. I informed him I had a modem as well and it was not working. He said he wanted to send me over to the Internet department for that could be the cause of the issue and once that is fixed, the cable should work as well. I accepted.

I was transferred to a Nick with the Internet department. Nick went through the "standard" procedure on helping troubleshoot the system. All in all, he stated it seems to be an issue with the outside line and he had to send a technician out to the residence. He placed me on hold to find the "earliest appointment" and returned with "I can have someone out there for you on the 1st". My response in return was "the 1st of what...for I know you are not saying September which will make this 2 weeks of no service". He informed me that was the earliest, or it would not be until September 26th.

I proceeded to explain to Nick that this was unacceptable. I can understand 2-3 days, but Comcast wants people to await 2 weeks to regain service...service that has already been paid for? (So in a nutshell, Comcast can TAKE my money with no issue, but cannot render services?)

Nick then stated he will place this on an "expedite" and I asked him what does that mean, that service will take place between now and September 1st? He explained that someone will be in contact with me within 24 hours on this level.

August 22, 2011 (11:06AM):

I called Comcast and spoke with a rep. named Ian. I explained to Ian that I was not going to be able to be without service for 2 weeks and have Comcast interfere with my money. I explained to Ian what happened on the day before, he pulled the notes. I said fatuously "you all act like there are no resources available for these service calls", in which I was informed by Ian "yes ma'am it is due to lack of manpower that we are on schedule like this". I mentioned to Ian, "I was truly joking when I said that for all the people out here that NEED/WANT jobs, you are telling me Comcast is not trying to fill those jobs to provide better service?"

Either way, after a nice discussion, Ian stated he was going to see if he can schedule me for cancellations throughout the day and will call me between calls when he is able to move me up. He did call back one time and moved me from September 1st to August 29th. I thanked him. He said he would continue to see what he can come up with the rest of the day.

August 23, 2011 (1:53PM):

I called Comcast and spoke with a rep. named Tony. I explained to Tony the same situation that was denoted by Nick and Ian. He reviewed the records and said he will see if he can find a cancellation. Over the duration of our conversation, he was able to move me from August 29th to August 27th. I informed Tony this was still unacceptable, but thank you for working with me and I will call back to see if there are any other cancellations (since now it seems as though I have to do Comcast job for them and I do not even work for them, yet the company I do work for, I am not able to perform my task since Comcast does not provide service for those who have paid for such mentioned services).

August 23, 2011 (~5PM):

I checked my voice mail to receive a call from Comcast stating my schedule appointment is for Saturday, August 27th.

August 23, 2011 (5:08PM / CALL DURATION: 10 mins and 13 secs):

I called Comcast and spoke with a rep. named "Marg/Marge" (for this rep. did not take any notes, record the conversation and most likely was one of your outsourcing companies - as I was informed by from Cathy/Kathy). I explained to "Marg/Marge" the situation and was calling to see if there were any cancellations available so that I can be placed in that slot. She wanted to know how she could assist, and I informed her once again, I was calling to find out if there were any cancellations so that I might be placed in that slot and moved up to a sooner service date. After going back and forth, I was informed by this Marg/Marge person that she could actually make an appointment for me for the next day "Wednesday, August 24th" for she "had the authority to schedule this appointment for me." I said "really? Is this accurate? No one else had that ability...but this is great and I will take it." She asked me what time slot did I want and I said "I'm flexible and can make myself available, morning preferably, but I will take what you have." She asked "what about 8am-9am?" I said "OK...great". She then said "no wait, 8am-11am." And I said "not a problem, I will be available."

I confirmed with this Marg/Marge about 2/3 times to make sure I heard this correct and to verify. She confirmed. I thanked her and we ended the call.

August 23, 2011 (~6PM):

I called in from my place of employment to await the schedule appointment I had with Comcast/Xfinity on Wednesday, August 24th from 8AM - 11AM.

August 24, 2011 (10:08AM):

I called Comcast and spoke with a rep. named Cathy/Kathy and explained that I was to have an appointment today between 8am - 11am. It was 10am and I wanted to confirm I still had an appointment set. After reviewing my account, Cathy/Kathy then informed me that I never had an appointment schedule. I told her about the conversation that took place the evening before with "Marg/Marge" and she placed me on hold and came back informing me that "it seems that I was told this information to get me off the phone and appease me. For there was no schedule made and it would have been impossible for a schedule to be made so soon due to the lack of manpower. And to top it off, this person Marg did not leave any notes or recorded the conversation. I'm trying to track this down but it seems it was one of the outsourcing office that this call came from."

Question to Comcast/Xfinity: You all produce individuals who falsely give out information? Is this what you all train your members to do? To insult a PAYING customer by appeasing them? This is the foundation and company culture is it? Amazing. What an interesting practice to instill with those members of your organization. I did not ask this Marg/Marge person to lie to me? She could have kept that lie and I did NOT have to *** work for 4 hours based on this lie and they lying company culture that Comcast/Xfinity creates.

Cathy/Kathy attempted to schedule me a sooner appointment with the cancellation of another, but was not able to. I was still schedule for Saturday, August 27th. (Honestly, just like I said, why would I believe she would...why would I believe anything a Comcast/Xfinity representative states to me since your organization has no issue with having members who lie to customers.)

August 25-26, 2011 (various times)

I called repeatedly to see if there was a sooner cancellation and representatives informed me there were none.

August 27, 2011

After awaiting 6-7 days, my schedule appointment has finally arrive. I received a call from Comcast confirming appointment and per the message: "We show you have a schedule appointment for today between 12PM-2PM and this is our second attempt to make sure that you are home. We will call again prior to sending a technician out to you. Etc." I awaited the call back from Comcast and at 1PM, decided to call to find out the status. The first person I talked to (1:03PM), location, oversea for I asked him, stated my appointment was canceled. I asked him for what reason and he said that Comcast could not confirm I was home. I said I received a call and was told I would get another call. He then proceeded to tell me he can schedule an appointment for me for this appointment was canceled. I hung up the phone.

August 27, 2011 (1:29PM):

After realizing this company's respect level to it's customer's is absolutely not there. I called Comcast back. I was placed with a rep. named Crystal. With a witness present, I had Crystal on speaker and asked her why was my appointment canceled. She said "let me check," and when she came back on the phone, informed me it was due to Comcast not being able to confirm I was home. I asked her, what number is Comcast calling for I only received 2 calls and that 2nd call stated a 3rd call will be made prior to sending a technician out. Crystal then proceeded to say "we have been calling ###-##1-####." My first thought, maybe she read it too fast...maybe I heard her wrong, but that is NOT my number. So I asked her (in front of my witness) to repeat the number again: ###-##1-####. I said "Crystal...who number are you all calling...for that is NOT my telephone number? You said ##1 and my number is ##7." Crystal looked again and agreed that it was an error in the system and does not know where that digit could have came from.

Crystal proceed on reviewing the call and said it seems as though Comcast system was calling that number, called it 3 times then corrected it self and called my number twice, then canceled me. Per my discussion and the voicemail left by Comcast, you all call 3 times before canceling...and I was only contacted 2 times. Comcast, and its technology, called a different number 3 times and booted my appointment out of the system. Crystal placed me on hold to return after and stated she spoke to her supervisor and also to dispatch and explained to them that Comcast was calling a totally different number not associated to this account. Dispatch informed them they will review and contact me. It was all agreed that Comcast/Xfinity was the cause of calling a WRONG number, which lead to my cancellation. Why could I not get a technician out that same day when I was not at fault for Comcast/Xfinity calling a number no where even associated with my account - which has only 1 number on it since the beginning of establishing service 3 months ago.

Crystal told me someone will be in contact. I asked her when was this, and she could not confirm. I asked her if I should call back in a few hours, she said someone will contact me. (To this day, I'm awaiting a call from dispatch.)

August 27, 2011 (Later that evening):

I call Comcast to find out, I have a service appointment schedule for September 6, 2011. Your company is truly amazing. NO call back, but due to a COMCAST ERROR, I have to await another week for service.

August 28, 2011 (Started back on my call to see about an cancellation slot):

Comcast supposedly moved me to an appointment, September 3rd (7:30am-8:30am).

August 29, 2011 (Started back on my call to see about an cancellation slot):

Spoke to a Jim who informs me nothing sooner is available and my appointment is set for September 7th. SEPTEMBER 7TH? WHEN DID THIS CHANGE TAKE PLACE? I was initially after Comcast ERROR on Saturday, August 27th scheduled for September 6th, then moved to September I have been moved to SEPTEMBER 7TH and no one has contacted me, informed me, or anything. So when was I suppose to find this out...OH WAIT, I know...when I took off of work AGAIN September 3rd, NO ONE shows up, I call, to find out it is SEPTEMBER 7TH. Amazing...once again.

August 29, 2011 (Called "Make It Right" Department at 2:38PM):

Spoke to a Shirley who went through my records, heard everything stated to her, confirmed with the notes she read, supposedly took knows on her own (I have no way to verify) and stated she was escalating this to the local office. I informed her:

1) I'm not able to do work from home which is apart of my job so Comcast is affecting my wages

2) My security is null/void in which I do not feel secure in my own home

3) Comcast organization culture is based on falsifying information, for that is exactly what Marg/Marge did on last Wednesday and Jim did today when he told me "Comcast never called the wrong number on Saturday"...and Shirley confirmed that yes, Comcast notes show that ##1 was called 3 times on Saturday.

But you know the kicker...September 12th, Comcast will want their money from me. Comcast will want payment for NO service render, so now I can add to the list that Comcast/Xfinity likes to steal from it customers. Amazing.

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #776744

why does it not surprise me that 2 years later, in 2013 the same level of service and lack of service continues


That was just awful! They pulled *** like that on me when I moved into my new house with the promise return calls from supervisors that I never got and lying csrs and wrong appointments. To put it plainly they just suck and their rates are horrible for the service they provide

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