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1. Install date of Xfinity was to be a Sunday, waited all day, never showed. Called to get rescheduled, no problem...In a week. Got super, they showed up next day. SHOULD'VE BEEN A WARNING!

2. Many days of terrible speeds, not finding webpages, etc, etc, etc. Many 1-2-3-4 hour "outages" at a time constantly.

3. Moved addresses, down for 3 days due to their scheduling mishaps.

4. CSR's will always tell you to call billing for credits due to their issues. This is not needed, THEY CAN DO IT, they're just too *** lazy.

5. Had issue 5-25-11, service went down, no explanation why, said my modem (Motorola Surfboard, D3 type) was not getting signal.

Called in for issue, 2 days for tech to come out. WRONG! Got next day, 5-26, 4-6pm. No show at 6, 800# says then 6:30pm. No show then. Called back, CSR says "No problem, next appt is 5-28". Just then, the tech calls.

Turns out it's a problem with D3 modems, ALL OF THEM not getting signal. Oh, forgot to mention they sent me an EMAIL while I have no service, to remind me of the reschedule. Now I get to call in, screw with getting credit for renting their modem so I have service, then I have to deal with their schedule for them to pick up their own modem, etc, etc, etc, no idea when this will all end.

Tech support is a joke, all they know how to do is a reset and tell you to unplug your router, if none of that works, it's your problem, even though 10 neighbors have no service either.

Told by techs that "residential" service is considered "Recreational" use, so they are not exactly speedy about servicing issues. But if "Business" account, they're much quicker.

Techs also told me to go to the business side of it, slightly more expensive, but I would've had a tech in 4 hours.

Techs told me even though current customers having issues, new services were getting installed on the same day of call in.

$40 in credits issued over this issue, but it's like pulling teeth with a string and a door.

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My Comcast internet has been out for over a week now. I found I could get DSL from my phone co. for $19.95 per mo. Phone Co. had me up and running on DSL in 2 days after I ordered it and my Comcast Broadband is still not fixed. Comcast keeps self-cancelling appointments and does not tell me abut it. I keep calling them 10 times a day now til they will show up. At least with the DSL I can do most of my online operating with little or no difference from Comcast Broadband.

I am happy now for only $5 per week I have a second ISP ( Verizon DSL ) and very cost effective too.

You Cna't rely on Comcast as evidenced by so many similar complaint posts about their service all over the internet !

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