I will try and keep my story as short and to the point as possible, but to those of you who are just scanning forums for a quick review of Comcast,PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP. THESE BA***RDS DO NOT DESERVE A PENNY OF YOUR MONEY!

Our experience started about a month ago. We were told there was going to be someone coming up to setup our cable and internet. A fee was never mentioned to us at this time. The service tech showed up (an hour and a half late), hooked up 3 co-ax cables and a splitter, this took him 10 minutes. We were charged $70 for this. Shortly after we began "enjoying" our newly acquired services. We noticed that the sound was going out, often. Making the assumption that it was a fluke, we let it go. Over the next couple days nothing got better. The internet dropped constantly, TV continued to lose sound, and we decided it was time to call. So we called their support, waited on hold for a total of 1 hour and 18 minutes, and was passed between 3 departments. Finally we got the issue resolved, or so we thought. The next day the same issues started all over again. We called again to attempt to resolve the issue, and again waited on hold for well over an hour. They told us they would have to send a tech out to fix it. The only time they could get this scheduled was A WEEK AWAY! I took the day off work to accommodate their schedule. They never showed. Now, here I sit 1 month later, with no internet, no cable and a $220 bill for absolutely nothing. I have made an attempt to explain my experience to them, the result was more waiting on hold, being passed between departments, and still getting nowhere. This is the worst experience I have ever had with any company, and I have had enough.

I assure that my experience here is not unique. PLEASE, NEVER GET COMCAST, AND IF YOU HAVE IT DROP IT!

Monetary Loss: $220.

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