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Lot of ads going around this area for Comcast XFinity's $29.99 teaser-rates.

Yet I'm getting sick and tired of hearing the dude who has this Comcast keep whining about Customer Srvce's continually blowing him off.

So therefore, I'm passing along an appropriate lightbulb joke which we both thought would be too good not to repeat here:


Q: How many Comcast/Xfinity reps does it take to change a lightbulb??

A: Three.

1. That genial Sales&Marketing Rep to sell you on lightbulb-changing service at the $30 lowball teaser-rate + extra one-time charges.

2. That harried and overworked Technician to actually change the bulb.

3. The Billing Rep from the Corporate Office to run over with you in detail, the Written Contract which you just HAD to sign to get lightbulb service in the 1st place!!

LOL, It's SO true!

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I have had multiple issues with their services. First by saying that the cable boxes are dinosaurs and are refurbished.

Second, the customer service doesn't know one end to the other without giving you an answer that's true. Let me just say if you can avoid ordering their services, I would definately go with another cable provider.

The xfinity logo is a joke as well. They are so behind the eight ball, they mind as well call it endfinity!

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