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I have had several attempts at working with Comcast's customer service and it's been horrible. Don't assume that signing up via the online chat/online form will be quick and painless.

It took almost 2 hours to sign up and the person that worked with me didn't speak English. I had to fill out an online form and then the operator ended up asking the same questions that I had already filled out the form. What was the point? Then, they got it wrong.

I didn't get a good deal. I didn't get wireless and had to go to a comcast store my self to get the wireless modem and set up the system myself.

Today, I've called to complain about my bill going up to about $170 a month. Why is it so much?

They suck you in with a "deal" for 6 months but wow the fees the add on make your bill beyond the price it should be. Apparently, I am under contract for 2 years - so the general customer service person cannot help me. After being hung up on (i was on hold for 20 minutes), I called back and finally got a live person on the 3rd attempt. That person couldn't help me and transferred me.

I begged them to promise me I would get to talk to a live person. well, I've now been on hold for 20 minutes with the # they transerred me too. I think Comcast is horrible customer service. I have submitted my reviews and complaints to them directly and they DON'T CARE that you are pissed.

They DON'T care that they treated you like ***. They will get you under contract and then care less about you.

Do not use Comcast - use another service, it's not worth it!

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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They also give a GREAT deal of money, which they get by chatging you ridiculous rates, to leftist politicians such as obama. So whether you want to or not you're supporting the Chicago thug machine while you are a Comcast customer.