Keizer, Oregon
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XFINITY TRIPLE PLAY is not $99 per month for 12 months. $7 monthly fee for Internet Phone Box, $16.95 per month for Cable TV/DVR Box, $10 Digital Voice Self, $10 Internet Install Kit, $10 Video Self Install Kit, Other fees $5.24.

Do not fall for this scam your bill will not be $99 per month for 12 months! They are not up front about all the charges to come on your bill-!!!!!!!

30 day money back guarantee is a joke!, they make it very hard to get a adjustment on your bill, the customer service people give you the run around, they are rude and say they will end the call because they have done all they can do which nothing.

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Ya, those "self install kits" *** me off as well. I was a cable internet installer for years, already had all my equipment and wires, but was still forced to pay for the *** kit.


Actually it is, triple play service cost is $99.00 as advertised.

SD cable boxes are free, HD cable boxes are 8.75, DVR's are $16.95. This is a controllable cost.

The $7.00 fee for interet is because you are leasing their modem, if you buy your own modem they can completely remove that charge from the bill.

The self install kits are to prevent you from having to pay $50 install fees to have it done professionally. The $10.00 fee covers the kit, all cords required, step by step instructions, and shipping.

"Other fees" generally are taxes that are NOT controlled by comcast.

The 30 day money back guarantee is not a joke, simply say you want to revert back to EXACTLY what you had before or a full refund as advertised and it will be honored.