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It is clear that comcast has not been very forthcoming regarding its so called xfinity upgrade. They appear to be basically scrambling the existing cable signal then providing you with a converter box that unscrambles and reverses the process while downgrading HD channels to 480 Standard Definition.

This downgrade is free for two digital converter boxes but any additional units will cost you $1.99 per month for now. So if you were enjoying HD which most new TV's are quite capable of receiving it appears that this is now a thing of the past unless of course you want to upgrade to their digital full size HD box for a mere 10 per month. When I asked them why this upgrade(really a downgrade) was required they said that it was needed to protect their programming content. Seemed to be able to protect it quite well prior to this.

Now I need another widget hanging off each TV to make them work, and I am sure that this was all intended to provide Comcast with complete control over HD content thereby forcing you to rent more equipment to restore it. I am not at all please with this. Dispite the poorest economic situation in over thirty years they have found a way to generate more revenue at the consummers expense.

If somebody from comcast can further explain this situation I would be glad to hear their point of view. Their service is almost as costly as a car payment.

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