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When asking to transfer my internet service to my new apartment in Philadelphia, PA, a Comcast rep told me they were unable to do so. Someone still had service in their name at the new address, even though no one lived there.

They advised me to contact my landlord, and I did so. He provided me with the name and phone number of the former tenant. I contacted the tenant who told me he'd already transferred his service to his new apartment. I then contacted Comcast Executive Support Department's Maurice Chandler, who advised me to take my new lease to my nearest Comcast office to prove that I was the new legal resident at my new apartment.

I did so. A customer service employee named Hector at 1351 South Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19147,

(215) 468-2222, refused to "turn off" service to the person who no longer lived in my new apartment. At the same time I had a supervisor on my cell phone (from Comcast) asking me to hand my cell phone to Hector. Hector refused to speak to the supervisor and told me to get out of his line.

I told Hector I'd been trying to resolve this issue for almost a month and that I'd taken off work and traveled 10 miles, and I would not get out of line until my issue was resolved. Hector ignored me, reached around me, and continued waiting on other customers in line behind me until the office closed and a security guard escorted me out. I again contacted Maurice Chandler and explained what had happened. Mr.

Chandler said there was nothing he could do was file for an investigation with the security department and could not tell me how long the investigation would take. I needed Internet several weeks ago in order to do my job and was already losing clients over the matter. The next day, my brother-in-law told me he'd try reasoning with Comcast because he had, thus far, appreciated their service. The customer service rep on the phone told us AGAIN that I had to take my lease to the office on South Columbus Blvd but would not assure us an outcome different from the one the day prior.

So I've purchased wifi from T-Mobile, my cell phone carrier, who treats me far better and has won numerous awards from J.D.

Power & Associates for customer service. So far, I'm quite pleased and am happy to be rid of the Comcast monopoly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $55.

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Comcast has lousy customer service and my basic service monthly bill keeps going up and up! I don't know how they can get away with this. Glad you found another company!

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