Houston, Texas
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Comcast accidentally disconnected cable then discontinued my promotional package! While on the phone voicing my displeasure about the cable service, the rep disconnected my service (by "mistake"), apologizes, then restores my service.

When it was restored, I later checked and realized I didn't have my HBO and Starz!!! I called back and was told the promotion I had was expired!

After 40 minutes on the phone and much turmoil, the new rep (after first trying to make me hold for his supervisor, and then charge me!) restored my service for free! Which he could have done before!


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It is incredible how this Customer Service treat us the customers.

They are a bunch of disrespectful people. You can not argue or say anything they don't like because they just hang up on you!

If you ask for a Manager of supervisor they just leave you in hold, more than an hour just to get to our nerves and finally we hang up! How humiliating it is that we spend more than $300 dollars in services with comcast and we can not even get answers.....

This is why big companies end in dissaster..

Lets pray for a good competitor so maybe they start caring for their customer like at the begining when they beg for clients.... what a shame!

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