Colorado Springs, Colorado
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It takes a lot for me to complain about a company. Comcast has been horrible ever since I signed up with them.

The customer service is the worst I have ever seen in my life. I have talked to reps both online in a chat and over the phone and the same horrible service goes across the board. I have basic internet and have not had the support I needed. I had previously gotten Comcast a few years ago in Virginia, and had a bad time with them as well.

Trying to be optimistic, and in a different state (Colorado), I signed up again.

What a terrible idea.

In all, do not get Comcast. I'm seriously going to switch to a different provider and at this point I would rather pay more money for worse internet if it means the reps in customer service don't act like they have never been through a day of training in their life.

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I think they train them to interrupt customers too. Nobody could possibly be that rude without training. I'm the customer and I'm trying to ask you a question, why the **$#@ are you talking while you should be listening?

All they want to do is send technicians out and all the technicians do is tighten the cable so much that it requires a wrench to undo it.

The last time they were here it took a whole month before their lingering body odor faded away.

I am not exagerating either. PLEASE Verizon!! Bring the 4G to my town. I just need an ISP that is NOT Comcast or Qwest.


you are correct about comcast. When I see there commerical i want to vomit..

they really hire hateful rep for their call centers.

They are my only choice. Sorry for your trouble call corprate office :cry :cry


Agreed !

Email to CEO gets them moving FAST

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