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I have been a customer of Comcast cable & internet services for several years now, as they bought out our old cable & Internet provider. Ever since the switch, we have had constant problems with both services. I estimate that I've been on the phone with their "customer service" for a total of 100+ hours. For one, the internet always seems slow. It also goes down multiple times a week, whether it be just resetting itself, for a couple of minutes, or it has sometimes gone down for days. I usually wait for around 30 minutes before calling as it's become normal for it to go down for 10-20 minutes then come right back up frequently. If I do call in, I usually wait on hold for 20-30 minutes, then some loud African-American woman says "Hi, Comcast, what's your problem?" I then explain the issue and she takes about five minutes to "Look at my account information" then says either the obvious unplug your router/modem then replug, or asks if it's plugged in like I'm ***. Saying no, and that I've un/replugged multiple times, she says they'll send someone out to check it.

About the "Technician". They say that they'll be out in 2-3 days when it's usually 5-6. They can't come in to our house to survey the problem unless someone 18+ is present, and after looking at the router and modem they ask obvious questions and then look at the box at the top of our hill and say that it was a low signal, and that it's their fault.

Since there are no other companies that service where I live, I can only hope that one of them expands so that I can switch. It sickens me that Comcast can provide such a terrible service, and still make billions of dollars a year. And if you are reading this Comcast, I give my middle finger to you.

(P.S. While I was writing this, my internet went down again. Probably Comcast trying to stop me from telling the truth :P)

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Store Location: Justice, Illinois

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I have the same problem with them! It is so frustrating!!

I usually wait before I call customer service as well, the last time I called the woman actually hung up on me!! It's unbelievable that they can get away with this. I hope Fios expands so that comcast learns some competition.

They are beyond disgusting when it comes to hidden fees, customer service and providing service that actually works.

I'm thinking of canceling my service and just going with netflix or roku.