I went into the Comcast store on Bissonnet in Houston, TX today to pick up two adapters for my two televisions. The comcast worker gave me a wrinkled torn Walmart bag for my stuff while everybody else in the store was leaving with a Comcast bag!!!

i am also a paying customer!!! I felt very uncomfortable and noticed some clients were staring. I have not felt this humiliated before and I just left.

Comcast has terrible customer service even on the phone I get through so much trouble and time to get one small problem or question fixed. I am an extremely unsatisfied customer that will cancel all of my services and my family's services as well!

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If you really want racist, Comcast offers no credit check and no deposit for latino customers if they want multi latino packages. If an african american or caucasian wants services they have to pay a deposit if they dont pass a credit check.

Although they can get the multi latino package with out giving a social security#. Now that is racist


i agree with most posts on here but im sorry. id have to say that your sensitivity is the problem here. :cry :cry


So you felt offended because of the bag she gave you? Is it possible that she just didn't have anymore Comcast bags?

You didn't say that she was rude. I agree that paying customers should be treated with respect, but a bag?

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