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I first went to the local Comcast center near my apartment and asked to order a cable and Internet package. When the woman looked up my address, and she said my apartment was listed as a “commercial account,” and that I could not receive residential services because I was not listed as such in their system. She had me fill out paperwork to change the account, which they said they needed to “mail” to their offices in Maryland to make the adjustment, which they said would take 2-3 business days. After waiting until Thursday the following week and hearing no reply, I decided to call Comcast and ask about my account status. The gentleman informed me that I was still listed as commercial, but said he could “pull some strings” to make the switch. Within two minutes, he claimed he had changed my account to residential. I asked if I could place my order with him during that same call, but he told me the deal I was looking for was an online exclusive, and I would need to order it via their website.

So I went to a location with Internet and purchased the package. Upon finishing, it asked what day I wanted the installation to take place. The earliest available time was between 1-5 on Labor Day, so I selected it. And then I waited…

Labor Day came and went, and I wasted the day sitting in my apartment waiting for a call or a ring at my doorbell. Nothing. I called that afternoon to ask where my services were, and the gentleman I spoke to this time informed me that my address was still listed as a commercial account, despite what I had previously been told. The man said he would fix it, and after three minutes he had made the change. I said, cynically, “Yeah, that’s what I was told last time.” He responded saying, “You sound like you’re doubting me.” Apparently, this rude customer service representative couldn’t perceive why I might think this, but he insisted I was in the wrong and that I was the one being unfair. He told me that I then had to go order online, further claiming that any services I had previously ordered were null and void. I hung up, feeling more frustrated than ever by this man’s rude and unprofessional “customer service.” I called back later determined for answers, but I was told, in order to change my account from “commercial” to “residential,” I needed to speak to someone in business or sales, but that their offices had closed for the day.

I called the following afternoon after I left work, and reached a woman to whom I relayed my ordeal. She sounded sympathetic and understanding, and transferred me to a representative in my area, who arranged the order for my cable and Internet package (which I had been told multiple times before was only available online) and the installation date (for Thursday, September 5 between 3-5 p.m.). She even offered to halve my installation fee. I thanked her, hopeful that this experience was nearly at an end.

Yesterday, I took off from work early to ensure I would be home to oversee the installation. 5 o’clock came and went. At 6 I called customer service to ask where my services were, and I was told the installer was coming at 7 p.m. now. I decided the extra hour was worth not complaining about, but by 10 p.m. I was officially beyond ticked off.

This whole day, I was wondering if Comcast would bother to call explaining the delay and/or offering an apology. Nothing. I refuse to wait any longer or expect anything from this so-called “company.” This is an unacceptable, inexcusable, and ludicrous way to run a business of any kind; it’s a wonder Comcast even considers itself one, if this is the manner in which its prospective clients are treated. I will interpret the persistent inaction on this “company’s” part as a sign that they are not interested in my business, and I am currently considering other options. But first, I wanted to let my voice be heard by people who might actually care. I will post this in every relevant public online forum in hopes of making my frustrations known to as many as possible.


Anyone would be better than Comcast

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it is called commercial because some apartment have agreements with the cable company. Ex.

they pay for the rights to provide you with cable and they then use 1 repesentive to up grade you. so go into your lease mgr and talk to them.

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