Lexington, Massachusetts
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Following the Oct 29th Northeast nor'easter that brought down power (and cable)access up and down the east coast, I lost power from Sat night to Monday afternoon. Now Thurs., and following two false assurances that my comcast cable/internet/phone service would be repaired within 24 hours, I received a call yesterday (Weds), at work, that my service was repaired and back to normal. Upon returning home, I found I still had no service.

Outages happen. We apparently weren't as bright as our northern european cousins who had for foresight to bury their utility lines many years ago - and thus, never have outages.

But there is NO excuse for deception and lies. I will be thrilled when I can replace all of my Comcast services with those of better companies. They have repeatedly breached trust with me, and no longer deserve my business. Right now, they're my only choice for internet access in my town. This won't be the case indefinitely.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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If you are going to disconnect then disconnect. reps are there to take your call it is their job.

Do you really think they care if you disconnect your services.

It's just one less person they have to listen to complain and yell and curse at them. They are paid to take your calls for tech support and billing, not to hear screeching.


If you think it's bad being a Comcrap customer it's way worse being an employee. Former employees won a class action lawsuit for making us work off the clock without pay. Call Retention Department to get discounts.


I was fortunate enough to not have lost power, but Comcast was out for 7 days and everytime I called to get info the reps had a new story. Today's tactic was to disconnect me repeatedly.

On Tuesday night I called and said if I didn't have service by 7am Wednesday ny first call of the day would be to Verizon.

Install is scheduled for Monday. Good riddance Comcast.

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